BCLC Launches Mobile Gambling Application

Government-regulated gambling in Canada has seen a difficult time lately. The British Columbia Lottery Commission (BCLC) has experienced a great deal of difficulty in launching its own online gambling website, but things have started to look up. After finally seeing some success in the online market, the BCLC has decided to venture into the mobile industry with a new gambling application for smartphone users.

As it stands, over 3000 people log on to PlayNow.com everyday, and the BCLC believes that it could appeal to a far greater amount of users by venturing into the mobile gambling market. More and more gamers want to to access their online activities on the go, and the BCLC hopes to appeal to these developing sentiments. 

This will be a huge first step for the Canadian lottery gaming market. BCLC was one of the first commissions to launch its own online gambling website and it will be the first to launch a mobile gambling application. Very few government-regulated gambling websites have made the leap into mobile operations and the BCLC will certainly be setting a trend. 

The Commission assures players that the mobile gambling application will employ the same security and age-verification features, offering players a safe and secure mobile gambling experience. 


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