Editorial Team

At OnlineCasino.org, our goal is to become the world’s most trusted and competent online gambling guide in the global gambling industry.  Our team of experienced writers and gambling industry professionals report on breaking Canadian and global news in the online casino, sportsbetting, and poker industries.

Gary Parkinson

Gary Parkinson is a professional writer, who is well-versed in the gambling and sportsbetting industries.  An avid fan of card games like blackjack and poker, Gary enjoys games that allow the player a measure of control, no matter how miniscule.  He is also a passionate sports writer, particularly when the subject is hockey, and enjoys analyzing the odds on one team prevailing over the other.  Gary is a valuable contributor to Onlinecasino.org.

Cliff Ritter

Cliff Ritter has experience in high margin industries with high levels of competition, primarily focused on the gambling industry.  He was also the former director at a large public Canadian software and e-commerce company, then known as Cryptologic, specializing in applications for the gambling industry.  Cliff is an important contributor to Onlinecasino.org.

Jorge Ancona

Jorge Ancona is a gambling expert, who informs gambling enthusiasts of his knowledge.  He has an intricate understanding of the sportsbetting industry, and is also an avid blackjack fan.  Jorge is a regular contributor to Onlinecasino.org.

Steffen Ploeger

Steffen Ploeger is a gambling industry guru, who specializes in bilingual sportsbetting analysis.  He loves to bet on sporting events, and is also fond of throwing the dice at craps tables.  Steffen is a regular contributor to Onlinecasino.org.

Mark DaSilva

Mark DaSilva has worked for a wide range of gaming publishers, covering various events in the industry from poker tournaments to casino openings.  He is a regular contributor to the OnlineCasino.org editorial team.

Casey Kaplan

Casey Kaplan has seen the development of online casinos and their operators, making her a paramount authority on the subject.  She is always keeping herself up to date with the the online gambling world, and is a valuable contributor to OnlineCasino.org

Andy Belton

Andy Belton has played poker in the online world for the better part of the decade.  He always has the inside scoop on one of the online gambling industry’s biggest products. Andy is an important contributor to Onlinecasino.org.