Real Money BlackJack

money-bags-psd65188Card games like BlackJack are always fun, but if you are a true gambler like ourselves, playing for free is too boring and You can only have fun and some thrill when playing for real money.

Don’t worry this won’t all be positive and biased. We much rather would be realistic and call things as they appear.

Truth be told, most online casinos do not cater to players looking to play BlackJack for various reasons. This is mostly related to the low house edge in the game as well as the fact that 70% of income for casinos comes from slot machines, instead of table games. However, the simple fact is that online casinos now have to put an emphasis on Blackjack because that is the players choice of game.  Live casino Blackjack is now very popular and more available than in the past.

Choosing a Casino

best-choiceFinding a great casino site is vital for an enjoying playing experience, even more so when there is real money on the line every time You click a button. What can a newbie to the world online gambling and maybe the Internet do to make an educated choice? Read articles just like this one.

Truth is that most gaming sites are actually legitimate and they, in fact, offer a safe playing experience, but there will always be some that use every trick in the book to get Your money.

Below we’ll sure some key points that are essential on Your journey of finding a legitimate blackjack casino and having a good overall experience.


Read the Bonus Terms & Conditions. Yes, seriously. We understand that this is the most boring task in history, but it’s also something that will go a long way in helping you to avoid bad surprises. This is especially accurate for bonuses, as casinos make sure to develop rules for these in a way that are not too advantageous for players. BlackJack is already a game with one of the smallest house edges out there, so it’s not like there is much room for improvisation from their side.

If not sure about a site, deposit small at first. Unless you join a multi-billion empire such as Bet365, it might be worth making a tiny deposit to just see how things are. Most online casinos will ask you to deposit as little as $10, so this won’t be an expensive experience by any means.

Play around a little and try to request a withdrawal. If things go smoothly from here, it’s likely that you have just found a nice casino to play Blackjack.

If something sounds too good then it probably is. This is the golden rule in everything and also applies to the online casino world. If You see a casino advertising a $10,000 Blackjack bonus with terms that make it seem like a crazy good deal, it’s probably not a great idea to deposit at that site. Long gone are the days when casinos were just giving people thousands of dollars in bonuses. Nowadays you will be very lucky to even find a cashable Blackjack bonus.

Is Playing Online Safe & Legit?

Absolutely, but that does not mean that you don’t need to be careful. Still use common sense and take proper precautions. As long as you do this, the playing experience will be nothing but marvelous.

Which Game Types are Best?

If you have a chance to pick, go for live dealer Blackjack. This is how you get the best possible playing experience that can be had in an online environment. In fact, I often much prefer it to the regular brick & mortar casino play.

You get the benefit of being in a quiet environment and not having a couple of guys that have had too much booze shouting in your ear. Of course, depending on your mood this might actually be beneficial.

For those not able to access live dealer games, RNG ones will be just fine. People are mostly concerned about whether these games are actually fair and non-biased. To avoid having a slightest chance of this happening, stick to blackjack games powered by either Microgaming or NetEnt both of whom are respected gaming companies.