european-roulette-automatic-wheel--single-zero-_1European roulette has become a popular game among many players at online casinos and resort casinos. This is thanks to how the house edge on a European roulette table is slightly less than what it is on an American roulette table.

A European roulette table has one fewer number than an American table. Specifically, it uses only 37 numbers with the 0 being the only green number on the space. The game uses many of the same special betting features that you’d get on an American roulette table.

The game’s organization uses some special bets that entail the roulette wheel itself. These bets add a little something unique onto the game to make it more entertaining while adding a new dimension.

Unique Rules

The betting options for you to choose from when playing European roulette include plenty of options that cover all parts of the wheel. You can go after inside bets that deal with specific numbers or sets of numbers that are adjacent to each other or outside bets that go after particular attributes of whatever number will land on the wheel.

An important part of European roulette is that it also offers bets that are based on different numbers on specific parts of the wheel. The Voisins du Zero, Orphans and Tiers du Cylindre bets are used to help you bet on the physical location on the wheel that the number will land on. This can require you to spend more money on the bet when used but it does at least give you a better chance at a larger payout if it is used the right way to give you more money.

Playing Tips

While this can be an entertaining game, you need to watch for how the betting rules work on one of the betting options that entail choosing a card on a specific part of the wheel. When used right, it might be easier for you to get a better total payout but you have to be aware of how the bet will work if you’re going to use it. This includes taking a look at the specific spaces on the board where the bet will take place. This can help you decide if the bet you want to use is worthwhile or if you need to opt for something a little different.

Also, you need to set up a limit in terms of the total amount of money that you are willing to bet on the game. You have to choose a good total based on the budget you want to spend so you’ll have a good option to work with when playing around with a good bet.

Where to Play

The Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise casinos are both noteworthy casinos that have the European roulette game among many other types of roulette games. These two casinos offer many games that offer some particularly appealing ways for players to win and can give them some good bonuses as well. These include bonuses of up to $200 in free money on a first deposit.