Roulette Game Types

rouletteThe roulette game has become a popular game in many casinos, particularly at a variety of online casinos. Today you can enjoy roulette in one of many amazing styles. The options for you to choose from are rather varied and will give you some fun ways to play. You can find all sorts of traditional options as well as a few choices that are a little more specific in terms of how they are organized and what you can get out of them.

American Roulette Game

American roulette is the standard form of roulette that you can find at a typical casino in the United States. This is a game that uses a setup with 38 numbers on the wheel. There are two green numbers, the 0 and 00, in this game. This game is a little harder to win because of the added number but it can give out some good payouts to those who succeed. More on American Roulette here.

European Roulette Game

European roulette is a traditional form that uses only one green number, the 0. As a result, it gives the player a better chance at winning something in general. The game also offers a few different betting options that are organized heavily based on the position of the numbers on the roulette wheel, thus making for an added challenge.

This typically works as a good casino game to play with if you are starting out. However, you can always consider moving on to the American variant after a while if you feel like it. More on European Roulette here.


French roulette is designed with the same wheel and basic betting system that is used in European roulette. However, the big difference comes from the French game offering the En Prison and La Partage bets. These are insurance bets that can get a player to get back half of one’s money on an overall bet in the event that the ball lands on a 0.

You may also notice the Voisins du Zero, Orphelins and Tiers du Cylindre bets. These are betting options that you can place a bet to go after very specific numbers on the roulette wheel based on the physical positions that these numbers are at. These include choices that are near the 0 or are on the opposite end of the wheel. This is a popular feature of the game but be advised that the 0 may not always be covered in every single one of these particular bets. More on French Roulette here.


Mini roulette is designed with a dramatically smaller arrangement. Specifically, there are only thirteen numbers listed on the wheel. This offers many bets that are similar to what players can get on a much larger wheel but the game has a smaller organization that makes it so there are fewer places to put a bet on while also offering lower payouts, what with the player having a better chance at winning something on this game. More on Mini Roulette here.


Pinball roulette is a unique variant of the game where the roulette ball will be added to a large pinball-like screen. The ball will go down to the bottom and will move around at random to potentially pay out something based on where the ball lands at the bottom of the screen. The numbers are typically organized lie they would be on a roulette wheel although the specific positioning of each number can vary based on where the 0 will physically show and so forth. More on Pinball Roulette here.


Multiwheel roulette is a form that is done with several wheels being used at once. Specifically, the player will bet on one individual table while there are multiple wheels that will correspond to that one table. This means that a player can possibly win more than once on the same table provided that the numbers that each roulette wheel lands on will add up and mix in well. More On Multiwheel Roulette here.

Where to Play

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