New Keno Promotion from BCLC

 Don’t you hate it when you’re so confident about winning at keno, bingo or the lottery, only to lose? It’s only a small investment, but the hope of winning can be incredibly high. So, it’s a bit of a blow whenever you discover that you haven’t won. Well, the British Columbia Lottery Commission has set out to make losers into winners in a new BCLC Keno promotion that will start this month.

Now, players who don’t win on Keno could be the winners of some very impressive cash prizes. All you have to do is take your losing keno ticket into a local pub, bar or lottery retailer and pay $5. You can enter your losing ticket into a draw, where amazing cash prizes are up for grabs.

Each location participating in the promotion will be giving away $50 worth of free BCLC Keno coupons to players whose tickets are drawn. Each winner of these tickets will be entered into a bigger draw, where prizes of $10 000, $15 000 and $25 000 are available. It is an innovative new approach for the lottery company, and it is expected to see a great deal of participation from players from across the province.

About The BCLC

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) is a Canadian gambling firm that handles the distribution and regulation of casino games, lottery tickets, and other entertainment for the entire province. The BCLC has been in operation for over 30 years and is dedicated to improving the province through funds collected through the lottery and online casinos. Horse racing events that are held within the province of British Columbia are also regulated by the BCLC.

Funds generated by the BCLC are used toward education, health care, and communities. This system is a major source of income as the BCLC generates over $3 billion in revenue each year. The company employs over 800 individuals directly in the community, and has an indirect workforce of close to 9,000 employees by way of contracted service providers.

BCLC Lotto Max Drawing

BCLC Lotto Max is one of the most popular options provided by the company. This lottery is available to players by purchasing tickets for five dollars each. The purchase includes three sets of numbers, with seven numbers in each set ranging from 1 to 49. Players flock to this lottery drawing in particular because it has a reset value of $10 million every time. The BCLC Lotto Max caps out at $60 million but starts paying out guaranteed $1 million side pots when the value reaches $50 million.


The popularity of BCLC Keno among residents of British Columbia is hard to miss. This popular lottery game is provided at numerous retail establishments and can also be played online. Players who wish to try out BCLC Keno simply fill out a form containing 80 numbers. The form is completed by selecting up to ten different numbers and choosing the option for a multiplier. Once the drawing starts, the BCLC Keno numbers are selected at random on the screen. Depending on the outcome, the player can win as much as $200,000 from a single draw. Keno is fun to play and potentially very rewarding, making it a hit with B.C. players.

BCLC Online Casino

BCLC gives residents access to an advanced online casino that houses dozens of games. The gaming selection includes online slots that replicate the classic machines found on casino floors across the province. Each online slot has its own unique style, typically with either three or five reels. In addition, the online slots are outfitted with special features and bonuses to make playing each game more exciting. The BCLC online casino allows players to try out the slots for free as a demo before betting any real money.

BCLC online casino provides a few table games to bolster its overall selection, including blackjack and roulette. Just like the online slots, these games can be played for free without the player having to wager real money. The content provided by BCLC also includes the popular live dealer format. Players have the option to join a virtual table as a real dealer controls gameplay through a live video stream. While the live casino option is innovative, the version from BCLC is hindered by limited hours.

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