Sportsbetting Reformers Will Continue Pressing Senate On Bill C-290

Supporters of sportsbetting reform in Canada are raising the stakes once again.  Bill C-290, the sportsbetting legislation that would legalize single-game bets in Canada, has been delayed a final vote in the Senate due to out of touch, unelected representatives.

But supporters of Bill C-290 are planning another public awareness campaign, led by the Windsor community later this month.  The Canadian Chamber of Commerce lobbied the Senate near the beginning of the year to finally address the sportsbetting legislation, after nearly two years of stalling tactics.

Brian Masse, the MP for Windsor-West and lead sponsor of Bill C-290, says the lobbying from the Chamber of Commerce was only the beginning.  Masse feels the Senate’s refusal to address the bill is raising calls for the abolition of the entire institution and expects anti-Senate supporters to join pro-sportsbetting rallies, which will be held as Parliament resumes later this month.

“They need to deal with the fact that the House of Commons, the elected members of this country, voted in favour of creating a law to allow single-event sportsbetting to exist in provinces that choose that.”

If Bill C-290 is passed, the legislation places sportsbetting reform in the hands of the provinces.  Masse says the majority of provinces support legalizing single game bets, but there are a few that prefer the status quo.  Bill C-290 will allow each province to authorize single game sportsbetting within their jurisdictions, rather than enforcing a change to national laws.

Masse says in addition to the rallies, he will continue to press the Senate to address Bill C-290 when Parliament resumes near the end of January.

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