Video Game Developers Taking Operations Online

A new online gaming platform in Belgium will allow for traditional, land-based casinos to enter the online gambling world. Gaming leader ComTrade has teamed up with the local Belgian video game designer Pascual Games to offer land-based casino operators software that will integrate faster and more innovative technology for online players.

This occasions marks Pascual Game’s entrance into the online gaming world. Pascual is well-known for creating arcade games and the video games, and the company is now looking to expand in the online gambling world, one of the most lucrative gaming markets in the world. The company’s move into the industry has been approved by the European Union and does not break any local gambling laws.

Both companies are predicted to benefit from the partnership. While ComTrade will be given the chance to expand their existing online business, Pascual will be able to reach a much wider audience with its large selection of video games.

The software is not only beneficial to professionals in the industry; it will also provide players in Belgium with a brand new online gaming experience. Pascual’s games are already popular in the traditional world, and players will be glad to have access to the titles online.

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