The Manitoba Government to Tackle the Abnormal Number of Gaming Machines

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The Manitoba government seems to be up in arms against any expansion to gaming licenses, as the government is not going to allow any more permits in the near future. It is a part of its review of gambling revues and its social costs. The move was a part of the throne of the province this week, which showcased the goals of the government for its coming legislative session. Premier Brian Pallister did not give a definite end date to the “pause” on the new gaming terminals or its venues and didn’t give a deadline for the review. The Premier added that the Manitoba province has an abnormally high number of lottery terminals when you compare it to its population size, and the region has to develop a clear strategy about how gaming and lottery machines fit in the budget.

Premier Brian Pallister Talks about Gambling in the Province

The Premier stated that on a personal level, he is not a fan of gambling, as he knows families who suffered a lot because of it. He added that on the other hand, it is apparent that it generates a lot of revenue, but one cannot ignore the social costs. Pallister said that comprehensive research is essential to determine the dependence of the province on an activity that some Manitoban residents are addicted to in a harmful way.

The Throne speech also promised that they will review police service delivery and that it shall release all results of the review in the upcoming weeks.

The Review Includes more than Gambling

The review does not only include gambling and the gaming machines, as it includes reviewing penalties for drunk driving. On the other hand, the NDP leader, Wab Kinew criticized the review that it does not address meth use.


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