Mini Roulette

mini-RouletteMini Roulette is exactly as the name says it is in that it is a game that uses a smaller wheel with a substantially smaller number of spaces on the wheel. This game uses just thirteen numbers but it still offers more than enough betting choices for you to work with.

The game has a good organization that is fun to play with and deserves to be tried out when you are looking forward to something unique and entertaining to play along with.

Unique Rules

Mini Roulette is a game that uses thirteen numbers with twelve going on red or black while there is a green 0. The game’s organization uses a number of different payouts:

  • You can get an 11-to-1 payout for when you bet on the correct number on the screen.
  • You can bet on a split with two adjacent numbers being used at the same time and get a 5-to-1 payout on the game.
  • A 3-to-1 payout is available when you use a three-line where three lines on the same column are used.
  • You can also bet on particular corners to get a 2-to-1 payout. There are four corners on the game table.
  • You can always get an even money bet off of choosing if you are getting an even-number, red or black or even a half-dozen option. There are three different half-dozen bets for you to go after.
  • Half of all losing bets will also be paid back in the event that a 0 shows up on a spin.

Overall the game has smaller payouts than what you might find out of a traditional roulette wheel. However, the smaller number of spaces on the wheel here makes it to where the chances for you to win something are greater.

Playing Tips

This is a fun game for all players but it is best to watch for what can happen when you look at the history on a wheel. The game will work at random and there is no real way for you to predict how the roulette wheel will move, thus requiring you to think carefully when looking at that history section on the game.

Also, it helps to try and use one outside bet and one inside bet at the same time if possible. This can increase your chances of winning and minimize any possible losses that you might come across. This does not guarantee that you will win something but it will at least keep you from being at risk of losing more than what you can afford.

Where to Play

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