Microgaming Blackjack

microgaming-casinosBlackjack is a great game worth trying out thanks to how there are so many ways to play it. Today Microgaming Blackjack proudly offers a good variety of different blackjack variants for use at online casinos.

The game has a great style to it but it can also be found in many forms that have their own special rules that can cause players to possibly get better payouts depending on what might come about when playing.


About Microgaming Blackjack

Microgaming first brought online casino gaming to the world in 1994 and has only grown in popularity ever since. Microgaming focuses extensively on creating different online casino games with an emphasis on assorted table games. There are more than 800 games to choose from through the platform made by them, including many different table games and video slots alike. There are also more than 200 games from the company that is available for use on mobile devices.

Games Offered

There are many great blackjack variants that Microgaming has to offer:

  • Standard blackjack games are among the most popular ones from the company as they are easier to play with and figure out.
  • Redeal Blackjack works in that you can get a new hand or card in your deck at any point in the game. You can also ask for the dealer to get a new card in that party’s hand. It costs extra to get replacements based on the potential that it is for you to have an actual win if you change something on the screen.
  • Assorted regional variants are available including Atlantic City and European variants. Microgaming uses various rules for these games based on the cards that are available, doubling and splitting options and whether the dealer will look at one’s cards to see if a natural blackjack is in play.
  • High Streak Blackjack will allow you to place a side bet that will give you an extra payout if you are able to get on a winning streak. You can get a bigger payout if you get into five wins in a row in this game.
  • A progressive form of blackjack is available from Microgaming as well. This will give you a jackpot if you can get three 7s on a single hand.

Where to Play Microgaming Blackjack

Microgaming proudly offers its many blackjack games at a variety of noteworthy online casinos. These include places like the Vegas ParadiseJackpot City, and Lucky Nugget casinos. These are all three casinos that have different ways for players to get better totals out of the game as well as other popular table games.

A player can get great bonuses out of any of these Microgaming casinos as well. A player can get up to $200 on a first deposit at the Vegas Paradise or Jackpot City casinos. The Jackpot City casino also has a special where a player can get up to $300 on a second deposit. Meanwhile, the Lucky Nugget casino has a bonus that works for many bonuses and offers up to $1,000 in free money over the first few deposits that a player makes at the casino.