poker-620x465Playing at a roulette table can be one of the most exciting things that you could ever experience while at a casino. The thrill of watching that ball move around is exciting in its own right but you have to watch for what you are doing when you are at a roulette table. You must follow the right standards of roulette etiquette while at such a table as you could be removed from the table if you don’t follow them. This is especially important when you are at one of the various different fine casinos all around the world.

Roulette Etiquette, Getting Money Out

First, you have to place the money you want to use for your bet on the table itself. The dealer will collect it and give you the chips.

You cannot just hand the money over to the dealer. Casinos will not allow dealers to collect money from the player’s hand. It may not sound like the friendliest move but it is all a rule that a casino will use with etiquette in mind.

Chip Colors

Next, you will get chips of a particular color. This will be unique from what other players have. You will have to make sure your chips are easily visible and that you are not obscuring anyone else’s chips. You cannot just place the chips you have on top of someone else’s chips.

Timing For Bets

You will typically have about a minute to place your bets on the table when the dealer announces that you can do it. This is a short period of time but it is used to ensure that the flow in the game is kept at a sensible rate.

When Betting Ends

As the dealer spins the roulette wheel, players may have a small amount of time to make final bets. You must listen to the dealer when that person says that you cannot make any more bets. The dealer will typically wave one’s hand over the table to signal that there are no more bets being taken. Any bets that you do make on the table at this point will be completely rejected.

Don’t touch any of your chips when the betting period ends. Doing this could result in the dealer possibly taking off whatever bets you have. This means that you will not get anything off of the bet no matter what you get out of the game.

Is Tipping Fine?

Tipping can be done at some casinos. This is for when you are on a winning streak as you might need to give a small part of whatever you have won to the dealer. Also, you can give a tip to your dealer in the event that the dealer helped you in some way with regards to learning how to play the game. A tip is also encouraged if the dealer had to help you with reaching particular spots on the table so you can get your bets out to different places.

After the Spin

When the ball lands on a particular spot on the table, the dealer will place a marker on the space where the ball landed. This is the start of the payout period. At this point, the dealer will pay out to the people who get winning bets on that last round. In addition, the dealer will remove any of the losing chips and place them in a spot in the table where they will be sorted out and give out later on.

You will not be able to touch the table or even add any money to it at this point. The key is to ensure that the dealer has the right to actually take care of the entire betting surface without being disrupted in some manner.

Roulette Etiquette Around Others

You must especially be courteous to other players on the same table. You cannot be critical of other players nor can you question them at any time. It is best to be congratulatory to other players when they get big wins on the table. The game is supposed to be a friendly one that does not entail competition but rather involves people together trying to get the most off of the roulette wheel.

Be sure to use the right standards of etiquette while at a roulette table. As fun as roulette can be, you must make sure you properly behave.