Blackjack Software

Blackjack software has become one of the most exciting and talked-about games for players to look forward to these days. This is especially the case at online casinos in that there are many thrilling options for players to look forward to. Today you can play blackjack online through a variety of great places that offer some fun features that all players are bound to enjoy trying out when looking for ways to hit it big on a good game.

Microgaming Blackjack Software

microgaming casinoMicrogaming is a company that has been heralded as one of the oldest operating online casino companies in the world. Formed in 1994, the company has hundreds of different casino games for players to choose from but it’s the variety of blackjack games offered by the company that makes it especially popular.

These assorted games include traditional games including variants for the Atlantic City and European styles with their own specific dealing and hitting rules. The Redeal Blackjack game offers a player the option to get a new hand at a cost based on how likely a new hand is to improve one’s chances of winning. The High Streak game also offers a side bet where a bigger payout will come about if a player can win a certain number of hands in a row.

Microgaming even has a progressive jackpot game. This works with a side bet where a player who is eligible can get a big payout if three 7 cards appear on one’s hand.

The games that this company offers are at many different online casinos. The Jackpot City, Vegas Paradise and Lucky Nugget casinos are among the hottest places to play with the company’s blackjack games at.

NetEnt Blackjack

netent casinoNetEnt is another worthy name that has many online blackjack games. NetEnt, which has been in operation for nearly twenty years, has many standard games including a single deck variant that offers smaller payouts on blackjack hands but easier chances to win.

The Blackjack Pro game also offers the Double Jack bet, a feature where a player can place a side bet on the possible cards that can come about. This feature offers a chance for a player to win a big multiplier on the original bet if the right cards, particularly jacks, come about.

The Double Exposure Blackjack game from NetEnt is an especially noteworthy option. This is where the dealer’s first two cards are showing at the start of a game.

This uses even money payouts but it does give the player a slight advantage in terms of making the right calls. Also, a dealer will still win on all ties within this game unless a blackjack happens at the very start.

These games are all proudly offered at casinos from all corners of the world. The Jackpot Paradise, Guts Casino, and BGO casino are all among the top places that have these games.

Playtech Blackjack

playtech blackjackPlayTech is a popular name in the world of blackjack software that players are bound to love. Players will certainly look forward to great types of games from the company including some popular standard options. The Perfect Blackjack game is one that features a side bet where a player can potentially win by predicting when a hand will feature two of the same type of card.

Meanwhile, the Blackjack Switch game from Playtech offers a better chance for a player to win by getting different types of cards switched around on the screen. This offers the player a better chance at winning although it does cost a bit of the payout to get a switch to take place.

Playtech has made its blackjack games available for play at the Bet365 casino among many other popular online casino gaming destinations. The variety of casinos that will offer games from this company will certainly increase as the world of online blackjack gaming expands.

Players looking forward to a great online casino game to play with should certainly see how great blackjack can be! It’s a great game that offers numerous ways for players to get some grand totals as many of the companies that make these games proudly offer some thrilling features that will make the games all the more unique for people to look forward to playing along with.