Online Roulette Game

Roulette is a classic casino game, which dates back to the Baroque period. A simple game of chance, Roulette begins when the wheel is spun. A  small ball is then thrown into the middle of the roulette wheel, while players put a bet on the number that they predict the spinning ball will land on. This is the perfect game for both beginners and veteran players, as the difficulty of the game depends entirely on the types of bets the player makes.

There are two common variations of Roulette found at an online casino: American and European. Each game comes with its own set of odds, giving players a completely unique experience. In American Roulette, there are 38 numbers, including 0 – 36 as well as a 00 spot. In European Roulette, there are only 37 spots, increasing the player’s odds of winning but also taking away a crucial winning spot.

When the game begins, players can begin to bet. They are allowed to bet however much money they would like, as long as they stay within the maximum and minimum range of the particular table they are at. Players can bet that the ball will fall on a certain number, row or between a particular spread of numbers. The wagering possibilities are endless, allowing players to take part in a very exciting online gambling experience.

Because Roulette is so heavily based on chance, there is no real way to increase your profits. However, players can decrease their odds of losing. When playing Roulette, players should take advantage of the Surrender rule, which allows them to take back half of their wager on even number bets if the ball lands on a 0 or 00. There is also a variety of betting systems that players can use, which require players to double their bets depending on the number of times they lose. While these systems guarantee a large payout eventually, players need a big bankroll in order to enact them.

Types of Roulette

There are many standard Roulette game variants available to play online and many variants that you may have never come across before. The Roulette games which offer the worst playing value are those games which boast the highest house edges as those games are designed to make the house more money over the long-term operation. So a good tip is to play the roulette variants with the lowest house edge!

There has been a sharp increase recently in the number of Roulette games being brought onto the online gaming environment which offers players the option of placing an extra range of bonus type bets which are placed onto the Roulette tables offering these bonus bets alongside a players base game bets.

However, all of the new Roulette games offering arrange of additional bonus winning payouts which are accessible by placing this bonus bet wager will come with a very high house edge, and you are best off forgetting about placing such wagers for it will only take a small series of losing outcomes once you have placed any Roulette game variants bonus bets before your gaming budget gets quickly eaten away!

So if you do intend playing Roulette online then have a look below, we have listed all of the most commonly found standard Roulette game variants that you can find on online casinos.

As you are going to be able to play Roulette online for free or for real money one playing tip is for you to give each Roulette game you are thinking of playing a small amount of play time via the free play options, for part of the thrill and enjoyment that comes with playing Roulette is that the game has crystal clear graphics that permit you to clearly see the wheel and ball in play, and not all online casinos have crystal clear graphics on their Roulette games.

Low to High House Edge Roulette Games

Below we have listed the five most commonly available variants of Roulette that you are going to find available to play at the best online casino sites. We have listed these games in order starting with the variants which have the very lowest house edge attached to them and then list the other variants which have a slightly larger house edge.

The art to playing Roulette with most success is for you to find the game which boasts the lowest house edge, however as you are about to find out one of the very lowest house edges attached to any Roulette game variant is not that appealing when you take other factors into account!

Have a good read through this listing and if you are struggling to work out just which variant is the best one to play online then take our advice and stick to playing the French Roulette game when you see it being offered at any online casino site that you are playing at!

Zero House Edge Roulette – You are going to come across a small number of online casino sites that will offer you a Roulette game which is quite unique and is a variant that has no zero in play on the Roulette wheel or on the betting layout and as such there are only the standard numbers from one to thirty-six on the wheel and you are of course able to bet on any of those numbers respective betting positions.

These types of games are known as Zero House Edge Roulette games and due to there being no zero and all of the other betting positions offering you the true odds of the numbers or number grouping spinning in then that does of course mean you will find there is no house edge or house advantage on these types of Roulette games which could and possibly will mean they are games that will attract a lot of players.

With no house edge attached to the game, the payout percentage in theory and in fact in practice is 100%, for you could bet on every single number on the betting layout and you would never lose, and will always get your stake money back no matter which number spins in.

Obviously , o one is going to want to bet on every single number, but with no house edge these types of Roulette games will be appealing to system players. However, the thing you do need to keep in mind when playing this type of Roulette game is that the way the casinos actually make their money out of them is by charging a commission to players who play these game, win and then request a withdrawal.

Many casinos will charge a few percent of your withdrawal amount as the house commission, and as such you are going to find that these 100% roulette games therefore do not look so appealing as you may first have thought, for even if you do have a winning session playing Roulette games which boast no house edge and have no zero on the wheel you will be forced to pay that commission on your winnings as opposed to the casino earning their income via the house edge!

French Roulette – The French Roulette game is the one variant of Roulette that is popular with most experienced players, especially those who like betting mainly on the even money paying locations displayed on the betting layout.

The reason why savvy and experienced Roulette players will always make a beeline for this particular variant of Roulette is that whenever you place a wager on the Red, Black, High, Low or Odd and Even betting positions you will, of course, get a payout of even money should your chosen bets win, but a rule is in place on French Roulette game which is going to lower the house edge on this game to just 1.35%!

When you bet on any even money paying betting position and the zero is spun in, a La Partage rule becomes in play and this will see those bets staying in place for the next spin and as such those losing bets are not losing bets after all for they will stay on the Roulette wheel for the next spin, and therefore you get a second chance of winning whenever you have placed one of those bets and the zero is spun in.

There is a slightly different rule in play on some French Roulette games which has the same effect of lowering the overall house edge of this game down to 1.35% and this is once again attached to all of the even-money paying locations on the betting layout and becomes in play whenever the zero spins in.

This other rules some French Roulette tables have attached to them will result in players get half of their sakes returned to them when a zero spins in, and as such this is a great variant to play when you want a very low house edge Roulette game to play!

European Roulette – You are going to find that over the long term you will be up against a house edge of 2.70% when you play the European Roulette game variant, this game has one zero on its wheel and offers you the ability to place wagers of many different values directly onto the betting layout.

Whilst this games house edge is not as low as the one above, this game is the one most commonly found in play at both online casino sites and in land based casinos. Should you be struggling to find the above-named Roulette game that being the French Roulette game then this is a reasonable game to play for its house edge is lower than most other casino games which will ensure you will get a fair chance of winning when you play it!

In regards to the minimum and maximum wagers that you are able to place at a European Roulette table this can vary depending on just which casino site you are playing at, so if you do want very low minimum bet options or very high ones you need to shop around for they will vary from casino to casino.

American Roulette – The American Roulette game is quite an easy game to spot when you see it being played in either a land-based casino or at an online casino site and this is due to there being a single zero on the Roulette wheel and betting layout along with a double zero.

However, as there is that extra double zero wheel on both the wheel and the betting layout but with no increase in the payout odds attached to the betting positions then this is a game which comes with a much higher house edge than both of the two other variants mentioned above, and is a game that not many savvy casino game players are ever likely to want or will need to play!

When you place a wager on the American Roulette game you are playing against a house edge of 5.26% and that is a high one, and sadly that is going to eat away at your bankroll the more you play this game. You can, of course, have some long winning streaks when playing the American Roulette game but over time, you will find that higher than average house edge is always going to be in place and can dramatically reduce your winning chances and enjoyment of playing this game.

If you are an online casino player then there really is no reason why you would want to play this game for as you have the ability to pick and choose which casinos you do play online then should you come across this game as the only one available in any casino you can always log out of that casino and go and play at another site offering a much lower house edge Roulette game!

Mini Roulette – There is a Roulette game which may appeal to some players, especially those who no matter what number or numbers they place wagers on never seem to get them spinning in, and this game is the Mini Roulette game. The reason who we think it would be an interesting game for some players, mainly those who can never pick the winning numbers is that there are fewer numbers of the Mini Roulette games wheel!

You will find this game in the Arcade Games menu at some casino sites, usually those that offer Playtech software powered games and what makes this game unique is there is one zero and the numbers one to twelve on the wheel, and as such on the betting layout of Mini Roulette those are the only possible numbers you can bet on.

You will find you can also bet not only on individual numbers spinning in on this game but you will also be able to bet on split numbers, a line of numbers, Even, Odd, Red and Black and the Column bets are also available, but there are only four numbers in each column as opposed to twelve of them when playing other variants of Roulette!

The downside of this game sadly is its house edge which works out at 7.69% which is one of the highest house edges attached to any Roulette game variant, but if you are prepared to put up with that high house edge you may find this an interesting game to play. The minimum and maximum permitted bet amounts on the game of Mini Roulette and can be set quite low at just 0.50 or can be increased in value up to 20.00 so this is a game that will suit both low rolling players and those looking to play for higher than normal stakes.

By playing at several casino sites for free which utilize different gaming platforms then you are going to have the chance of picking just which one does indeed offer the best gaming experience at no risk, then once you have found a game you enjoy playing you will always be able to switch to playing it for real money.