French Roulette

imagesFrench roulette is a form of poker that is relatively similar to European roulette in that it too has a single green 0 number on the 37-number wheel. However, what makes French roulette different is that it offers a few extra features that will give you a better chance of winning something.

In particular, it offers some insurance features that can be worthwhile for when you get into a rough space. You should take a look around to see what you can do on a wheel so you can have more fun and possibly win a better total off of this exciting game.

Unique Rules

The game’s design works with many of the same standard betting options that you’d expect to find on a roulette wheel. It offers features like outside bets based on the color of the number that you get, whether it’s an odd or even number or if it’s from 1-18 or 19-36.

You can even bet on any of the three thirds on the screen. You can also go after one of the three columns of numbers in this game if you prefer. Regardless of what you choose, you can always go for an option that can pay well.

One noteworthy part of French roulette comes from the La Partage and En Prison bets. The La Partage bet occurs when you choose an even money bet. You can get half of your stake returned if the ball lands on the 0. This reduces the house’s advantage but it does cost extra to get.

The En Prison bet works when you place a larger amount of money. You can use this to get all of your bets back in the event that one of your bets ends up winning. Therefore, you will not only get the win from whatever you correctly chose but also a win from other symbols on the wheel.

Playing Tips

When playing French roulette, you have to make sure you choose the special insurance bets carefully. It is typically best to use one of these insurance bets in the event that you have placed a rather large variety of bets all around the screen.

Also, you can always use a roulette system if you want but it is best to avoid being far too analytical when you are trying to stick with a certain system. Make sure when playing that you are carefully controlled in terms of how it will work, thus making a better shot for anyone to win something great.

Where to Play

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