Scratch Cards

Scratch-CardsVirtual scratch cards have become somewhat of a hit feature in today’s online casinos. They are not commonly found in the live brick and mortar casinos and are more likely available in bookies or in a local shop. However, in the online casinos, they are increasingly featuring with their very own dedicated scratch card section.

The Virtual Scratch Card Game Play Experience.

Scratch cards are easy to play whether you play live or online. In the online casino versions, the software designers have done all they can to mimic the live experience of scratching off and revealing your wins or hitting a duffer!

In fact the online scratch cards are a little more flexible in many ways compared to their live counterparts. This is because they also suit players that would prefer to just buy their scratch card and get an instant result without the effort of scratching.

Here are 2 ways you can use the scratch cards online:

Many online scratch cards let you choose the virtual tool you want to use to scratch off the positions on your virtual card. All you need to do is use your tool (pick axe, pen, coin, lucky charm) and go to the position you want to scratch and hold down the mouse button to begin scratching away.

You can use the ‘scratch all feature’ – this means you don’t need to do any scratching or make any effort. The ‘scratch all’ feature will automatically go and scratch off all the positions available on your virtual scratch card without you having to lift a finger.