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Best Live Dealer Casinos

2-betfred-live-casino-1There is hardly any feeling out there that is quite like the feeling you’d get when playing at a real casino. The experience that comes with getting all sorts of cards or playing with a real roulette wheel is one that is truly fascinating and fun. However, it is also clear that not all people are able to get to different real casinos where they can play with actual dealers.

That is where live dealer casinos can come into play. These are places where people can go to in order to enjoy great casino games that are controlled by real live dealers. The games that are offered at live casinos are fun and today you can find all sorts of great options to play with when looking for something unique and entertaining for anyone to look forward to.

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Live Casinos for Mobile and Tablets

live-dealer-blackjack-betfredLive dealer casinos have become very popular over the years in that they offer different dealers giving out cards and spinning real roulette wheels.

These are games where players can interact with actual dealers who are available via satellite.

This offers a more interactive experience while also encouraging a strong sense of realism when the added live dealer features are placed into consideration.

Live casino games are always fun to play with and unique but at the same time players should see how these games can be played on mobile devices and on tablets. It has become more commonplace for people to play with live casino games on these devices.

Today it has become easier to find live casino games that can be played on mobile devices.

This is thanks in part to how so many casinos these days focus on the realism aspect of different games. You should still be aware of what you might find when looking for great games to play with on a mobile device of interest or use to you.

Live Dealer Baccarat

microgaming_screenshot_livebaccarat1Baccarat has become a staple in casinos thanks to its simplicity and the thrill of playing with the game. The addition of assorted prop bets in many online baccarat games at various online casinos has especially helped to make the game more popular. Today you can play with all sorts of live dealer baccarat games from many of the world’s most prominent names in the field of live casino games.

These live dealer baccarat games are made by some of the world’s top casino gaming companies. These include many great companies that proudly offer different variants of the game and provide players with multiple ways to get some of the best possible payouts in a game. These variants offer many rules and other special features all around to make them great games that all players can certainly have fun with.

Live Dealer Blackjack

live dealer blackjackBlackjack is a popular game that gives players a great number of ways to win while focusing extensively on the strategy that comes with it.

Today you can play with many live dealer blackjack games at some of the most popular online casinos around. These include places that focus extensively on offering a good variety of games.

These include options that cover different types of ways to play the game.

Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

live dealer casino hold'em

Texas Hold’em is one of the most noteworthy games around in the world of online casinos. The biggest part of play with casino hold’em is that there’s no need to bluff online as players can simply focus more on their strategies when trying to play.

The fact that many online hold’em games focus on playing to get a better total over the dealer rather than other players on the same table especially makes this a great game to play with online.

There are numerous live dealer casino hold’em games for players to look forward to. These are games that offer many different ways for players to win some of the biggest possible totals with the many hands that can come about within a game.

Live Dealer Roulette

live-dealer-rouletteRoulette has become popular for being a great game of chance that requires players to try and figure out where a ball is going to head to.

This is a fun and unique game but it does have a good series of variants. Many of these are available in many live dealer roulette casinos around the world. These include options that come from many of the top companies dedicated to making assorted high-end live roulette games.

You should be aware that the European variant is the most commonly used option at all live dealer casinos and from all of the companies that offer these games.

This is primarily due to many of these companies being based in Europe while also having their own studios within the continent. Fortunately, the odds of winning on a European roulette table are better than what you’d get out of an American roulette table so you at least have this to look forward to while playing a live dealer game.

Microgaming Live Dealer Games

gamingclub-live-blackjack-table_bigMicrogaming is a noteworthy name in the world of online casino gaming and today the company has a great series of live dealer games for players to look forward to. These are available for play at a number of different casinos based out of many parts of the world.

The games are primarily basic casino games but they have become big hits among people who come out to different online casinos thanks to how they come with some great ways for players to win big.

The company focuses heavily on making live dealer games that are made to be unique and attractive while still being easy to figure out and play along with. People who try out these games will certainly enjoy all sorts of great features as they look to get the most out of their games.

NetEnt Live Dealer Casinos

netent-live-blackjackNetEnt is a big name in online casino gaming. The company has hundreds of games but some of the most popular ones that it has are its live dealer games. These are games that can be played in a number of places around the entire world including some exciting online casinos that have their own bonuses.

The games that are available include ones with different dealers although there is also a roulette game that does not actually require a person to be there to get a round ready for play.

NetEnt is based out of Stockholm and has hundreds of casino games. The company has been running since 1996 as a company dedicated to giving players more options for winning big amounts of money. This is thanks to how the casinos have some great choices that include more ways to win than what people often expect to find. These include games with progressive jackpots and live dealers alike.

Today the company has become one of the most powerful names in the live gaming industry. About a third of the European online casino market it controlled by NetEnt.

PlayTech Live Games

titan-casino-live-bjPlayTech is a big name in live casino gaming that players are certainly bound to love playing with. The company makes many popular live casino games for all of the big staples that casinos are known to have.

These include some games that are not found in many other popular casino game providers like hold’em and Sic Bo. The choices that players have here include numerous options that are thrilling for all players to look forward to trying out.

About the Company

This is a company that has been around since 1999 and is based out of the Isle of Man. It is a company that offers software programs for all kinds of online casinos. The company offers an immense variety of games including bingo, poker and assorted fixed-odds games.

The company even has its own sports betting platform. The games have become popular enough to net PlayTech plenty of profits. It is even listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol PTEC.

Evolution Gaming Live Dealer Games

Evolution live dealer gamesEvolution Gaming is a popular company dedicated to the world of live dealer games. The options that the company has for players to look forward to trying out at online casinos around the world include ones for many different games.

These games are popular for coming in many forms while being available for multiple players at a given time.

About the Company

This company was formed in 2006 and started offering its live games not long after that. The company has its own studio building in Riga and has expanded over the years to include offices in Malta, Stockholm and London.

The company has its own live games that are based out of places like the Dragonara Casino Malta and the Casino de Spa in Belgium.