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Bingo has always been a popular leisure activity among Canadian gamers. It is only recently, however, that the game has seen such a surge in popularity, a fact which is mostly due to the introduction of online bingo. Now, players who would not normally be found in a land-based bingo hall are logging on and playing this popular numbers game, including teenagers, males and students.

Bingo is a very simple game, which is why it has gained so many fans. All players need to do in order to win is purchase a bingo card and match the numbers on the card to the numbers called. There are different variations of the game, which require particular squares to be matched, but the most common incarnation of the game requires the entire card to be called.

There are three main versions of of the game: 90-ball bingo, which is played in Europe, Australia and South American, and 75-ball bingo, which is played throughout North America. Besides the number of balls that are used, each game has distinct differences that provide players with a variety of opportunities to win.

90-ball bingo is played on three 9×3 grid, with 3 free spaces scattered across it. The game is played in three stages, as the players to complete the first, second and third line all receive prizes. In 75-ball, the game is played on a grid with five rows and five columns, and one free square in the middle. In this game, there is usually only one way to win, which is by completing your whole card. However, the caller will often mix things up by changing the pattern, allowing players to win by completing the shape of an X, one line, multiple lines or any number of other patterns.

Playing Online Bingo

You may be under the impression that there is only one type of Bingo game that you can play online, however there are in fact several different variants of bingo and plenty of different types of bingo games online, so we have made a in-depth online bingo guide to help you full understand just what types of bingo games you can play online!

Type of Bingo Games

Let us start by introducing you to the actual bingo variants that can be accessed quite easily when you sign up to any of our listed and top rated online bingo sites, these games are all structured differently so it is a good idea to read on and get an overview on how each different bingo game plays and pays!

75 Ball Bingo – The game of 75 Ball Bingo does of course use a total of 75 bingo balls to determine the outcome of each game played, these balls are drawn out one at a time from the bingo machine, and each player can purchase a set of cards on which 24 numbers are positioned in a 5 x 5 grid formation on each card.

The centre position on the majority of 75 Ball Bingo cards is known as a free position and it has no number associated with it and is crossed off before the game gets underway. There are several different ways to win when playing 75 Ball Bingo and further down this page we will enlighten you on some of the many different patterns which can be played for when playing this variant online.

80 Ball Bingo – The 80 Ball Bingo game is a very fast paced bingo game, and as the name implies when you opt to play this variant there is a total of 80 bingo balls in the bingo machine and much like the game above one number at a time is drawn out of the bingo machine.

The 80 Ball Bingo cards are smaller than the above named game and are presented in a 4 x 4 formations, once again do keep on reading to find out what bingo patterns you will be playing for when playing this variant online.

90 Ball Bingo – The 90 Ball Bingo game is probably the most played bingo game variant both online and in land based bingo playing venues, this game comes with a bingo card on which five numbers are located on each of three different rows and these games are played for three different prizes and as such consists of three different stages of the game.

There are 90 bingo balls in play in the bingo drum and the aim is to form one of the winning patterns before any other player does, below you will find information on just what patterns you will be playing for when playing this variant online.

How to Play Bingo Online

Playing bingo online has several benefits as opposed to playing bingo in a Bingo Hall or Bingo Club. The most beneficial aspect is that you are going to be able to claim lots of bonuses, free bingo tickets and also access lots of free to play bingo games which boast real money prizes when playing online, which is something rarely given away at land based bingo venues!

You will first have to find an online bingo site to play at, and all of the sites listed on are fully licensed and regulated and as such offer fair bingo games and give you a range of promotional offers that is going to add to your bingo playing enjoyment, and enhance your bingo layer experience!

You will find most online bingo sites do not require you to download any software which means you can register an account in a minute or two and then simply log into their bingo site via your newly created account details via their website.

You will be given access to a very wide range of deposit options and to make a deposit simply click on the Banking or Cashier links and then choose the method you’d like to use, the amount of cash you wish to transfer into your account and that transaction will then be credited to your account in real time once verified and processed.

Once you made a deposit and claimed any bonuses you are entitled to then you are ready to hit the bingo rooms. In the bingo sites menu you will find a complete list of bingo rooms which you can access at that respective bingo site and in the menu you will find the bingo card prices, the type of bingo game played along with information on the cash prizes those games have on offer.

Once you have chosen a bingo room to play in you will then have to purchase some bingo cards for that game, you will find a small bingo card purchasing box and in that box you enter the number of bingo cards you want to buy for the next game and once purchased, you simply have to wait for the next bingo game to start, an onscreen timer will let you know how long it will be until the next game is going to start, but usually this is no longer than a minute or two.

When playing bingo online you do not have to dab off each number matching the numbers on any of your bingo cards that are called out of the bingo machine as they get drawn out, for the bingo software will automatically do this for you, and should you manage to complete the winning pattern that game is playing, the software will automatically call bingo for you and those winnings are added to your bingo account instantly at the end of the game.

Bingo Game Patterns

Let us now give you some ideas in regards to the actual bingo patterns that you are going to be able to play for when playing any of the three above named bingo variants online. Be aware that it is the online bingo site that will put in place the actual prize pools that you will be playing for, and some bingo games can offer huge jackpot payouts even when you are paying only a modest price for each card.

75 Ball Game Patterns – If you choose to play the 75 Ball Bingo game there are literally thousands of different patterns you will be playing for, but the most common ones found on standard 75 Ball Bingo games will see the first player crossing off all four corners or any single line in any position on any one card picking up the single prize that these games have on offer.

Some 75 Ball Bingo games will have a jackpot prize on offer and this is usually awarded to the first player to get all of the numbers on nay single card crossed off first. If any type of 75 Ball Bingo game is offering a unique pattern that you will be playing for the actual winning pattern will always be displayed on the bingo games screen, so you know which patter it is and how it is formed!

80 Ball Game Patterns – As mentioned above the 80 Ball Bingo games are very fast paced game, and there are quite a number of different playing patterns that you will find attached to them when playing online.

The quickest playing 80 Ball Bingo games will be played for a single line in any direction, any four corners or you may be playing for a Full House which is going to require any player to get all of the numbers on any single card purchased crossed off before any other player!

90 Ball Game Patterns – There are only three bingo patterns that you will find on 90 Ball Bingo games, these game a three part games and when the game first gets underway you need to be the first player who managed to get one single row of five numbers crossed of any of your purchased bingo cards to win the smallest price this bingo game offers.

The second stage of a 90 Ball game will see the player who gets two rows of five numbers on any single card crossed off first getting awarded the second largest cash prize these games offer. The final stage of the game is the jackpot paying round and the largest cash prize available on this game is going to be awarded to the player getting all fifteen numbers on any one single card crossed off first.

If you do play any online bingo game and there is more than one winner of any single card played then the prize money is equaled shared between all of the winning players. However, should just one person win any single game played then they do of course get to keep all of the winnings on that game for themselves!