American Roulette

6-4-European-Roulette-300x300American Roulette is a basic form of the game that is a staple of casinos around the United States. It is a game that lets you bet on the results of what happens on a spinning wheel. This wheel will move around in one direction and the ball that is added to the wheel will land on one of 38 different slots. The goal is for you to bet on the spot where the ball will land on. This game offers a variety of betting choices but the biggest part here is that there’s practically no real way how you can predict precisely where the ball will land.

Unique Rules

The game uses 38 numbers. It uses 36 numbers in red and black colors organized around the wheel. Meanwhile, there are two numbers that are green. These are the 0 and 00 numbers.

You can go after one of many different types of bets. You can get an outside bet that will entail you going after general options when choosing a where the ball will land. These bets include ones for:

  • If the number is red or black
  • If it’s an odd or even number
  • Which of the three sets of twelve numbers on the table will come up
  • One of the three columns of numbers
  • Whether it’s in the 1-18 or 19-36 range

Meanwhile, an inside bet will entail you picking on very specific numbers. You can choose from one of many bets:

  • A straight-up bet pays the most as it involves picking a specific number.
  • You can also choose to bet on sections with two adjacent numbers or a 2×2 square of numbers. The payouts are lower but the odds of winning are better.
  • You can go to the edges to bet on sets of three or six numbers.
  • You can even place a chip on the line between the 0 and 00 numbers to bet on both of them.

Playing Tips

When playing American roulette, you have to consider the repeat option when betting. You can always choose to repeat all of your bets as many times as you want on a typical game.

Be aware of the minimums for what you can bet as well. You might have to choose between either a certain amount of money on an outside or inside bet. Either option can be interesting to find when you’re playing this game.

Also, make sure you stick with a stop loss limit on the game. While it can be fun to play roulette, it is a very random game so you need to make sure you use a particular stop-loss limit to ensure you don’t spend more than needed while you are trying to win off of this game.

Where to Play

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