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Best Online Casinos 2023 – Top Casino Site List

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Getting Started With Online Casinos

  1. It is essential to use a casino that is reputable and trusted. You may not need to worry about that now because this site contains a detailed list of trustworthy operators that provide a secure environment, the best customer service, the safest transactions, and the most convenient payment methods. Our authorized Canadian casinos always display truthful information about their licensing, location, bonuses, and contact.
  2. Before you place a bet, make sure to check out how to play responsibly because online gambling can be addictive for some, so it’s always good to know the signs. To use our site you also need to be 18+ and in some Canadian provinces 19+
  3. On most online casinos in Canada, you can play directly in the browser; however, on some, you can also download an app. Before downloading the top casino site app software, ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements, but if not, you can skip the download and play directly from your browser; that’s what we do. 
  4. The following step is to make an account with real money. This is done by completing a form with your correct personal information, which the casino will also use if you win. After you have decided on a password and username, you can choose to play either the “Practice Mode” or play for real money in the “Real Mode.” encourages gamblers to play for free for the first time before spending money. Each online casino that we listed offers this feature to help you increase your skills, become more familiar with games, and gain confidence.
  5. To play online real money casino games involves depositing some funds into your account. You must select a preferred site like jackpot paradise casino while considering the welcome bonus because it will motivate the deposit. Often the biggest welcome bonuses don’t mean the best online casino, but it’s usually an influence on your decision. Ensure that you know the requirements for wagering; you can find that in the bonus policies. The wagering term refers to the number of times you must bet before you can withdraw the bonuses. 
  6. Decide on a casino game that matches your character and temper best. You have a large variety of options! Each casino that promotes has an incredible selection of games ranging from slot machines, games with live dealers, table games, and much more. Progressive Jackpots are enticing and will intrigue any player. Knowing the best strategies and rules for your own pleasure and comfort is helpful.
  7. Withdrawing is just as simple as depositing as transactions are controlled with the newest technology in encryption. Trusted Canadian online casino gambling casinos will guarantee reliable and secure financial operations through various standard methods of payments such as (bank transfers, credit cards, and e-wallets.) You can also read more here about casino withdrawal and depositing.

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Casino Gaming Guide

Here you will find a guide to help you start playing at CA online casinos quickly and easily. Just browse through the pages below to understand how online casinos work and how to sign up to play at those that are safe and trustworthy. From picking a secure online casino to downloading its software, we have it all covered, so look through our Beginner’s Guide for more information!

On the FrontPage of, you can see a list of the most popular and fully licensed casinos, that’s the best way to get a good safe, and secure online gambling experience.

If it is your first time gambling online, you might want to try some games for fun first, we have added some free online slots here, and you can also try blackjack and other casino games on this page.

We have also made a page about Responsible Gambling where we give advice on where you can get help if you have a gambling problem.

If you still have some questions we suggest you look at’s FAQ’s or you are welcome to contact us, and
we will do the best to answer your questions.

Guide to Your First Bonus and Getting Started with Your Online Casino

Normally when you are starting to play at a casino you haven’t played at before, you will receive a bonus on your initial deposit. The most common is the 100% match bonus, but please check our bonus guide.

Free bonus?

Some casinos provide a free bonus where you are not required to deposit anything to play. These are some of the most popular bonuses out there and are certainly worth taking advantage of.

Monthly bonus?

Many casinos provide a monthly bonus for all their players. This is a reload bonus, often in the amount of 50%, presenting a great way for gambling operators to retain players.

Playing without bonuses?

You don’t always have to take advantage of online casino bonuses. When playing without any bonuses, there are no wagering requirements and you can withdraw your cash whenever you like. This is very good for players who do not wish to play several times at the same casino before taking their winnings with them.

Software Download

Casino Software Download and Setup Guide

This is a general description of how to download the software at a casino. Note that some casinos’ software may vary from this description. This, though, is the most common method:

  1. Installer

When you first choose to download an online casino suite, you will be prompted to download its installer. Once you have downloaded it, run the installation process. This is a very straightforward process.

  1. Games

Some online casino software suites allow users to choose which games they would like to download, in order to cut back on the amount of space the software uses up. Choose a few games that you think you would be interested in playing in the near future and continue on with the installation.

  1. Location

Normally, the installer will pick Program Files as the folder in which to install the casino software. If this is not the option automatically, presented to you, you should change it. Otherwise, if you wish to install it to a folder besides Program Files, make the necessary adjustments.

  1. Download

Now, the casino will download the games you’ve chosen to install. This step takes about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your internet and computer speed.

  1. Getting ready to play

Now, you’re ready to play! Most online casinos offer a free version of their games to test out before depositing so have a go at these before you play for Real Money.

NOTE: You will likely have to create an account before installing the software.

Making/Setting Up An Account

1. Choose ‘Play for real’

Whenever you are ready to play for money, click ‘Play for real’.

2. Open account at the casino

If you have not already registered an account at the online casino, click ‘register account’.

3. License agreement

You will be asked to read the casino’s license agreement. Click ‘yes’ if you agree and wish to play or click ‘no’ if you do not agree and you do not wish to play.

4. Register

You will now be asked to fill out a form with your name, address, registration number, etc. Please make sure that all information is correct before proceeding. This information will, among other things, be used by the casino to send you checks of your winnings.

5. Username and password

You will now choose your username and password. Remember this since you will have to use it every time you enter the casino. Write it down and keep this information somewhere safe.. You should get an welcome e-mail/SMS that often has a confirmation link , click on the activation link in teh e-mail to active your account

6. Almost ready

Now you are almost ready. If you need to cash-in some money click ‘bank/cashier’ and use one of the several options (VISA, NETeller, etc.) of deposit money. The instructions are simple, and you should have no problem funding your account.

If you need to know more about payment options? we also made a guide here below about the different payment options that are available at most online casino sites:

The process of depositing and withdrawing

Making deposits and withdrawals to and from your online casino account is critical. Without these processes, how will you ever have money to play your favorite online casino games? Fortunately, the whole process of putting money in, and taking money out of your casino account is far simpler than you may think. To help you along, each online casino has a selected number of payment methods that they accept, with most of the major gaming sites having the commonest banking options on the net, ready and available for you.

How to deposit funds

Depositing funds is a must if you wish to play for any length of time. There are two common ways of going about this. The first is to use your credit card or debit card to put money into your account. This is done as a purchase, in a similar manner to when you purchase something from Amazon or any other online retailer. The process is often very quick, and players often have the option of setting up a payment method as their default option. They can then make all subsequent deposits at the click of a button if they wish. There are generally no fees for depositing money into your online casino account, and most transactions are instantaneous, meaning that you have the funds to play with immediately after the deposit is made. Some casinos have limits on how much you can deposit, though these are often fairly high, so you are free to deposit whatever you wish in most cases.

How to withdraw funds

Withdrawing money is a bit trickier, though not exactly difficult. The first thing that many casinos will ask before you can withdraw, is for you to prove your identity. They do this in your interest so that nobody can withdraw your winnings other than yourself. There are a number of ways that casinos may go about this, but not all of them are so picky. Some don’t even need your identification proved at all, as they get all the information they need from your payment method details.

Another hurdle before you can withdraw is wagering requirements. If a player has accepted a bonus, then they must fulfill all their turnover duties before they can withdraw. This is fair. If you have taken a bonus of £100, then you will probably need to wager that bonus amount at least 20 times, before you can withdraw. If all your obligations have been met, the withdrawal process is simple. Whether or not your withdrawal transaction is completed in 1-2 days or 5-7 days depends on what method you choose to withdraw your funds. There may also be fees on the credit card or wire withdrawals, and there are almost always going to be limits on the minimum (and sometimes the maximum) amount you can withdraw at any one time.

Lately, some online casinos have been greatly reducing the number of withdrawal payment methods they offer. This means that you only have a selected few options available. The most common and popular payment methods are almost always available for withdrawals though, so you needn’t worry about that too much. The number of withdrawal methods available at online casinos has always been less than the number of options a player has to deposit, anyway.

Credit Cards

Visa and Mastercard Online Casino Deposit

Credit cards and debit cards are amongst the most popular deposit and withdrawal payment methods. Not all of them can be used to withdraw funds though, and those casinos that do permit credit card or debit card withdrawals, generally charge a small fee. Credit card deposits and withdrawals are useful, as they deal directly with your bank. However, whilst deposits are completed instantly, withdrawals can take up to 5 business days to be processed. Generally speaking, you’ll need to deposit at least £10 to £20 to be able to deposit via credit cards and debit cards, with the minimum withdrawal limits around about the same mark.


Skrill Casino Payments For those gamers that are worried about their credit card details being stolen – even though the risk is minute – e-wallets are a far safer option. Skrill is one of the largest e-wallets. Players can deposit funds directly onto their e-wallet via their credit card, and then use their e-wallet to top up their casino balance. With this payment method, no credit card is ever involved in any casino transaction. Skrill deposits are instantaneous, and withdrawals can take less than a day, and at most 2-3 days. This e-wallet will often allow deposits from as little as £5, and withdrawals of around £10 at most sites. Skrill does not charge a fee for either deposits or withdrawals.


Neteller Gambling Payment OptionNeteller is virtually the same as Skrill, in everything that is offered. Another e-wallet, Neteller is found in practically all online casino sites. Being more readily available than Skrill, it might be wise to use this payment method. However, UK casinos and Canadian casinos that offer Neteller sometimes have higher, minimum deposit and withdrawal limits than Skrill. Neteller does charge you a fee to top-up your account with them, although transaction times are incredibly fast when using this payment method.


Paysafecard accounts can be topped up online, or you can purchase coupons in shops across the country. Loading an online account with Paysafecard is a lot like charging your phone with credit. It is very easy to do, has no fees to upload money to your account, is instantaneous, but cannot be reversed. What does that mean? In short, it means that you can top-up your account (deposit) with Paysafecard, but you will be unable to withdraw via Paysafecard. Paysafecard does not accept withdrawals from online casinos. If you are using Paysafecard to deposit, you will certainly need to choose an alternative method for withdrawals.


Ukash is another one of the major e-wallets. Although not as commonly found in online casinos as Skrill or Neteller, it is still a big player in the digital banking world. Ukash is far more similar to Skrill than Neteller. They offer super-fast deposits and withdrawals, don’t charge fees, and have incredibly low deposit and withdrawal limits. Like Skrill, you can also use Ukash knowing full well that your credit card details are safe. Ukash is a top drawer payment method to use if your online casino site actually offers it as a payment method, which fewer and fewer are doing.

Bank Wire

Bank Wire is a fast way to send money from place A to place B, though not vice-versa. Depositing money via Bank Wire is fast and 100% secure. In short, they are simply immediate bank transfers, with no delays; at least when it comes to depositing funds. Widely offered at online casinos across the net, you may think that is the quickest way to deposit funds into your account. Actually, Bank Wire transfers are no quicker than e-wallets or credit card deposits, since they too are instantaneous. They are quicker than most debit card deposits, though. The problem with Bank Wire comes with withdrawals. Although commonly offered as a withdrawal method, there are almost always sizeable fees, hefty minimum withdrawal limits, and transactions can take between 5-8 business days! So much for fast transfers!


PayPal is of course, very well-known and loved by all. Just like Amazon, some online casinos accept PayPal. If your chosen casino does accept it, then it is likely that you already know all there is to know about this payment method. Again, like the other e-wallets, you don’t need to put your card details at risk when depositing or withdrawing at an online casino site. Yes, PayPal sometimes does give you a little charge here or there, but it is minuscule. PayPal payment methods offer instant deposits, and withdrawals are completed in 1-3 days. However, there is a delay in sending money from your card to your PayPal account. PayPal, unfortunately, is nowhere near as widely spread in the online casino world as other e-wallet payment methods. If you can find it offered at your online casino, great; but don’t count on it being there!

Final Info

There are of course plenty of other payment methods in the online casino world, such as cheques, postal orders and more. Some good, and some, not so good. Some require huge withdrawals, some take weeks to arrive, and others are so dated that nobody ever seriously uses them. The best advice is to always try and use the method that you are most familiar with and trust. Failing that, find one that allows both deposit and withdrawal options (because not all payment methods do), and find one that you can easily link to your bank account.

Although you may not think so, playing at online casinos is just as safe and secure as using any other financial service on the world wide web. Online shopping and online banking websites, both commonly used, employ similar safety features to online casinos and other gambling websites. Encryption, identity verification, and secure banking are all features that you will find at an online casino, as operators are dedicated to providing their players with a safe and secure gambling environment.

However, there are still some organizations and individuals out there that may try to take advantage of players in this market. That’s why online casino guides like have been established, to provide players with a list of the safest and most trustworthy online gambling websites out there on the web.

As a casino guide, aims to provide players with an unbiased look at Canada’s online gambling market. We only wish to redirect players to the most trusted online casinos on the internet, so that our readers never experience gaming in an unsafe environment.

Have a look at our Casino Reviews to find out more information about the casinos that we believe provide the safest, most secure online gambling experience for players.

The Canadian gambling market developed over decades as the practice became culturally accepted across the country, while technological advancements expanded the reach of the games.  As new real-money games were created, gambling tycoons created casinos to profit from the games within one gaming facility.  The casino was later transitioned into the digital era when gaming firms developed online casinos to broaden their reach across the globe.

Similar to regular casinos, online casinos must acquire a gaming license from a national gaming regulator.  In Canada, the federal government allows online casinos to operate within the country, and players largely responded to the freedom of betting in digital form.  Provinces later recognized the amount of money to be made in regulated online gambling, which lead to the creation of provincially regulated online casinos.

The market continues to expand year over year, and this infographic explains where online gambling began, where it is now, and where it will end up in the future.


Industry Insights

The History of Online Casinos

The concept of online casinos first came around in 1994 when Microgaming created the first-ever casino software. At this time Microgaming was a small software developer. To achieve their dream of opening on an online gaming site the company called on the well-known software developer Cryptologic.

Cryptologic was then already an expert in software security and the company’s expertise was the missing piece of the jigsaw. Microgaming needed the ability to incorporate safe transactions online. This was central to the proper functioning of a new online casino operated over the internet and transmitted to the World Wide Web. Without the financial side of the online casino platform working properly, gaining consumer trust would have made sure the online gaming industry would fall over right there and then.

Financial Trust Issues Resolved

For online consumers to trust online gambling sites, the financial side of the website had to be perfect. Microgaming called on Cryptologic’s intelligent security software and network teams who were able to make this happen. It was the security systems added to the Microgaming software that made the first online gaming sites possible.

Online Casino Financial Security Today

Since Microgaming and Cryptologic’s dual online casino platform, we have seen numerous financial software companies come into the online market with new ways to deposit and withdraw your cash online. In addition, we have seen a massive rise in internet security systems using SSL certificates to guarantee safe transactions. Not all of this is down to online casinos, but rather it is down to the rise of online shopping and overall e-commerce websites.

With so much of the internet relying on safe ways to exchange cash between consumers and businesses as well as the B2B markets also relying on the same ability to make online transactions, there also been a considerable rise in security companies that specialise in encrypted tunnels that allow connections to their sites that have access to huge financial databases.

Now transactions can be made using banks that are located in numerous countries. These financial transaction companies such as Olorra Management, also control transaction in foreign currencies. As a result, online casinos can accept members from around the world as long the online casino is acting in accordance with local laws and gambling authorities licencing procedures.

The First Online Licencing

It was Antigua and Barbuda that became the very first place to allow online gaming companies to apply for a licence and operate online casinos. The licencing came about after the Caribbean region passed an act known as the Free Trade and Processing Act.

The licences opened the doors for companies like Microgaming to finally release the first much anticipated online casino software that could be accessed on a global basis by those that had access to the internet. At the time, the internet was fairly slow and it was still very much a new concept to many households, but that didn’t stop real money online gaming from becoming an instant hit with a super-fast growth engine.

First Online Casino Launched in 1994

Microgaming is said to have launched the first ever online casino in 1994, but this was in fact not a fully functional casino until 1995. This is because the casino still needed time to properly test pilot and develop player tracking and casino management software via its 1994 ‘BETA Version’. Nonetheless, the BETA version still meant players could deposit cash and play the online real money games that were available via a downloadable software package provided by Microgaming.

This software was released with the casino known as ‘The Gaming Club’, which was soon challenged by the same company that developed their security system; Cryptologic. Cryptologic licenced all their software with a company called Wagerlogic. This meant that the second casino to launch as a fully-fledged commercial online casino was by Cryptologic; the online casino was called Intercasino, which is still around today.

Despite Intercasino not being the first online casino, there is some argument that it was the first fully commercial casino to have been launched because Microgaming had only developed the software and not the management systems, which were created by Cryptologic.

The Rise of Top Online Casinos in the mid to late 1990s

There is no doubt online gambling become popular extremely quickly since Cryptologic and Microgaming came to light. Between 1996 and 1997 the number of online casinos that players could register for had risen from around 15 to as many 200. There were plenty of entrepreneurs and business investors out there that saw the opportunity to make money from the online casino scene and quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

In 2001 came the Birth of the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority

One of the most popular and long-established online gaming licencing committees came onto the scene in 2001. The Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Commission is currently the most trusted online licencing body today. Nevertheless, their long reign is now coming under threat due to the new rules in others countries in respects to real money gaming online.

For example, the USA, UK, Spain, Sweden, and Italy have all brought out their own laws that state that any online gaming companies that want to operate their online casino or any other kind of real money gaming site must purchase a local license. The governments’ angles on this are player protection, which to some extent is true, but we cannot ignore the huge amount of money made through licencing fees that are up to $20 million in the US and UK.

A Recent Change in Licensing

With recent adjustments to the way online gambling licencing by local governments has been enacted, there has been a large dent into the future of the long established licencing committee of the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority. In previous disputes between players and casinos, due to the casino’s licence being issued by the Maltese licensing authority the only way the player could legally challenge the online casino would be to travel to Malta and go through the expense of taking the company to court from there.

Also, another problem has arisen over the years due to financial control. One of example of this financial problem was proved in the US. In 2011 there was Black Friday that targeted mainly poker sites, but also hundreds of online casinos that were not keeping the cash players deposited in a separate account. Instead the companies were using player account money on other investments within and outside of the online gaming markets. The same policies were also being applied by many other online casinos on a global basis. As a result, the number of complaints regarding apparently unethical financial practises were on the increase, which was invariably caused in tandem with the ever-increasing number of online casinos.

The line of thought behind this financial fiasco was that if the online casino were to go bankrupt, there would be no way for the casino to pay all their players back quickly enough or within a reasonable amount of time because a lot of their deposited cash would be tied up in investment plans. Also, should an investment go wrong, then some players stood the risk of never getting their money back.

It was both the legal implications behind the ability to make a valid or affordable dispute against the online casinos and the financial investment fiasco made by online casinos that meant governments had the perfect reasons to step in and create local licencing and taxation laws. This has all been done under the guise of player protection. On the positive side, now in many countries, player cash balances are fully protected.

Licencing stipulates that the combined cash total of all player accounts must be kept in a separate bank account. Therefore, even if an online casino was to go bankrupt, the cash in the separate account would be 100% reserved for players, so now no matter what happens to the casino, players are guaranteed their cash back.

In addition, legal disputes would have to be contested by the casino from within the country they are licenced; therefore, if you are a British citizen and want to make a legal dispute, the likelihood is that the online casino has a British licence and so the case would be heard in the UK.

Online Casinos Today and Positive Brand Names

Today, the online casino market is now a tough market to crack with many of the big names in deals with software developers that have saturated the casino platform market. There have also been many unethical online casinos that have come and gone.

On the ethical side, only the biggest and most honest brand names have survived the cut. They have profited from honesty and today very few unethical online casinos if any at all are remaining in the online world of gaming. Only those that have proper licencing, good feedback and word of mouth online and proper financial facilities have managed to build successful brand names.

Now, in today’s online casino market, the unethical online casinos have almost all been wiped out due to complete more localised changes in licencing. Consumer trust is at an all-time high and players are being paid instantly for big cash wins.

New Technology Gives Players the Best Online Casino Ultimate Gaming Experience

Globalisation is largely down to the rise of the World Wide Web and the global reach of the internet. This has meant more companies have been able to merge, become acquisitioned by bigger real money gaming providers and knowledge sharing is much easier than it has ever been in the past.

Consequently, the technology behind today’s online casinos far surpasses that of the past. In the past you would need some kind of casino software to operate games locally on your PC, but nowadays the concept of downloading casinos is one of personal choice and appears to be less popular than using downloadable versions.

It is the new HTML5 web-based instant play casinos that are the most popular. With technology so advanced today, the graphics, 3D effects, sounds, game speeds and animation are fully controlled by intelligent online casino platforms.

Furthermore, the new craze is the third party interfaces. For instance, Quickfire run by Microgaming will allow games from Amaya Gaming, NextGen, NYX, Quickspin and other companies to piggyback onto the Microgaming casino system. This means on a Microgaming platform, you will see games from NYX and vice versa. This is a brand new and exciting concept.

The Rise of Real Money Mobile Casinos

Real money mobile casinos are now the latest fad. Before smartphones online casino companies were already tapping into ways to stream their games to mobile phones. However, then came smartphone technology, touchpads and 2G, 3G and now 4G internet connections.

This new technology cracked the market bringing to the table a brand new way to play real money casinos while on the move. The main reason for this was because HTML5 and instant play software were created. Mobile devices do need to download anything, and instead, the mobile casino member only needs to follow the shortcut to the casino, log on, and play any instant games available to them.

Right now there is a slight difference between the number of games available via Apple’s iOS and the Android platform. Android’s easier Java platform has made it a lot easier for designers to replicate existing desktop games and create dual desktop and mobile releases for new games. This has meant Android boasts the largest number of real money games at present, but iOS is now in full swing and developers are closing the gap.

Another recent newcomer to the market is the Windows 8.0 mobile operating system. Generally found on LG and Nokia phones, the call for Windows 8.0 designed real money games to be developed has finally been answered meaning there is now almost no operating system with the ability to connect to the internet that cannot take advantage of real money online gaming.