The HB 1638 Bill Aims to Legalize Online Lottery and Sports Betting

Growing Industry Online Casinos

A new bill aims to repeal the current lottery and online sports wagering bans in Virginia. The bill is reportedly pre-filled by the VGA (Virginia General Assembly). Delegate Mark Sickles filed the bill on November 20 of this year. Since it is “pre-filled” legislation, they will introduce the bill early next year on the 9th of January. The HB 1638 bill aims to legalize both, online and retail sports punting in Virginia, and it also seeks to regulate the practice via the official channels of Virginia Lottery.

The bill also seeks to abolish the ban on online lottery sales, as the state only allows for internet subscription services for its cash draw games. That is not all, as the HB 1638 bill is also going to result in the creation of new organizations including the Support Fund, and The Sports Betting Ops Fund to name a few. Lastly, it also aims to highlight and clarify that fantasy sports are not a form of gambling, and they do not fall under the term and umbrella of Sports Wagering.

Local Gaming Operators Can Expand their Portfolio

It the legislative bill makes it into law, it would also enable the Lottery of the state to expand their selection of online games and offerings. The expansions will include everything, starting from subscription services to a new array of online virtual lottery products.

The Virginal organization will have a lot of tasks if the bill passes. These duties include specifying the method that is going to be used to sell shares and tickets, inclusive of the ones that will sell online. The VA organization will also have to determine the types of gambling options that will be on offer and will have to regulate them.

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