New Billboard Refused by City Planners at Playtime Casino

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Kelowna City seems to be having a tough time when it comes to advertisements about one of its successful gambling venues, the Playtime Casino. The casino wanted to install a substantial electronic billboard that will be on top of its entrance, but the City Planners do not agree with this proposal.

Everyone knows that casino operators and developers dedicate a lot of money and effort so they can draw as many people to their facilities, and this is why advertisement is quite essential in this endeavor. Publications can be through TV ads, promotional materials or the usual billboards that find their way across the community, but it seems that the planners are opposing the idea of a big electronic billboard above the entrance of the casino.

The issue is, the decision of the casino is in a direct breach of the police that was approved that prevents any use of electronic billboards across a big part of the Kelowna City. According to a vote that took place in August, which stated that only institutional, cultural and recreational organizations could have billboards in the city, as their incentives for the advertisements benefit the community, and not about just one business.

The Casino’s Proposal for the Billboard

The casino operator wants to introduce a substantial 90-sq ft billboard on Water Street so that everyone can spot it, due to its considerable size. It comes as a part of the renovation process that currently ongoing on site. That renovation is going to cost around CA$12 million, and it would transform Lake City Casino to become Playtime Casino Kelowna.

The casino first applied for the billboard in June before the ban became into effect, but now, with the new ban, things are more complicated. The Chief Administrative Officer of Gateway Casinos, Jagtar Nijar, is hoping to be able to convince the city and the city planners that the billboard is what the city needs at this time.

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