The Ontario Casino Project Decision

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The LPAT (Local Planning Appeal Tribunal), has recently started a proceeding that is raising some significant questions regarding the new provincial rule that has become effective. The process is regarding the proposed project for Kingsway Entertainment District. The new provincial law mentioned states that only the tribunal adjudicators could examine and call upon witnesses. A divisional court was tasked to review the procedure for planning, which means that all decisions on this matter will suffer a delay, and it also says that the LPAT is not going to be able to hold any hearing throughout this review.

Decision Passes Deadline and Delayed Even Further

The decision regarding the gambling arena and venue project in Greater Sudbury was due before June of 2018, and this deadline has long passed, but following the new law of Ontario, it seems that the decision of the LPAT is going to get another delay even more.

According to reports from earlier this year, the LPAT is going to review the validity of the decision of the City Council, but it is not going to be the decision maker when it comes to the Sudbury project. Therefore, if the tribunal dismisses the appeals from the anti-gambling groups, the decision of the City Council is going to be legit, and the construction will begin. On the other hand, if the tribunal agrees with those appeals, the matter is going to go before the City Council for one more time for further deliberation.

The preliminary hearing was carried out, but the debate regarding the new provincial rules can result in the postponing the decision even more. Regardless of all of this, the choice is most likely going to happen sometime next year, in 2019. The hearing witnessed some heated discussion from all parties involves, whether against or for the project.


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