Toronto Mayor Denies the Need of a New Gambling Venue

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The topic of the construction of a new casino venue on the site of the Ontario Place is becoming quite the favorite topic in the area. The lawmakers of the Province are expressing their opinion on the possible introduction of the gaming facility, and it seems that the Mayor of Toronto, John Troy has decided to join the opposition against this project. He officially made a statement last Monday making it clear to the public that the region that a new gambling venue to open in Downtown Toronto is not the ideal decision for the community and the area, at this time. To add to that, he also stated that the construction of the facility and the launch of the business is not the ideal use of the space available.

The Waterfront area in Toronto has to be one of the most mesmerizing and picturesque regions in the region. Therefore, thousands of people come from all over Canada and even from outside of Canada so they can enjoy its beauty and serenity. Thus, because of the beauty of this location, the mayor stated that a gambling venue is redundant. He believes that the gambling scene is developed and saturated and that there is no need for another gaming venue.

Woodbine’s Casino Offer for the Area

Woodbine Casino has recently made a new offering for the area, to launch the first live table casino games in Toronto, which is a move that drew a lot of attention to this location. The before-mentioned casino managed to provide many job opportunities, which has a positive impact on the employment market. The new casino at the site of the Ontario Place might even offer the community a more significant boost, but it can also result in the cannibalization of the gaming industry in the region. Therefore, the Mayor stated that the area should focus more on economic development.