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The name “Poker”, in fact refers to a family of card games, of which each member shares betting rules and hand rankings. The game variations differ according to how many hands may be formed, betting limits and how many betting rounds are allowed. In the online casino world, however, the most common form of online poker that players will find is Texas Hold ‘Em.

Different Types of Online Poker Games

When you go looking for an online poker game, you’ll quickly find that your options are much wider than just Texas Hold ’em. Our guides offer a complete overview of all the different types of gambling games that can be played online for free or for real money. So read on to discover just how may different varieties of poker games there are to play online, twenty-four hours a day!

Texas Hold’em – You may already be more than familiar with the game of Texas Hold ’em Poker. This is the most popular poker variant both online and live. It can be played in its Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit variants.

You will find plenty of tournaments which use Texas Hold ’em as the base game, and more than enough ring table games to keep you busy. The stakes will depend on which games you choose and where online you choose to play them.

Texas Hold'em Table Game

In Texas Hold’Em, players must use five community cards (which are laid out in the middle of the table) and a combination of their own cards in order to make a winning poker hand. This differs from Stud or Draw poker, as players are required to make winning hands out of their own separate hands. The winning hands are:

Royal Straight Flush – five suited cards in a row from Ace to 10

Straight Flush – five suited cards in a row

Four of a Kind – all four cards of the same number

Full House – a pair and three of a kind.

Flush – five suited cards

Straight – five of any suit in a row

Three of a Kind – numbers on three of your cards are the same

Two Pair – four cards, with two separate pairs

One Pair– two of a kind

High Card – if your hand is not listed above, it is referred to by its highest card.

Poker Hands

Poker Hands