Canadian Casinos Keep Small Companies in Business

Casinos across Canada generate $16 billion annually, putting a great deal of cash in the pockets of business moguls and government funds. However, smaller companies also benefit from the expansion and growth of the land-based gambling industry in Canada. According to a recent report by the Globe and Mail, casinos help to keep the industrial Canadian market in business.

Winnipeg-based Accro Furniture Industries is one such company. For years, the company has been providing casinos across Canada with custom seating solutions. Thanks to its connections with casinos in Canada, Accro has become a top provider for gaming venues across North America.

There are several other small gaming companies based in Canada, including Spielo, a software design firm based in Moncton. There is also Amaya Gaming, a company based in Quebec that designs and develops software for gaming companies and venues in Canada.

So, gambling in Canada not only provides the government with valuable funding for social programs; it also boosts the economy. By providing small businesses with valuable opportunities, the gambling industry has the potential to keep Canada’s economy afloat, despite the global  recession that has recently hit.

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