Social Networking Takes Over the Online Gambling World

Facebook and Twitter have taken over the digital world, allowing people from all over the world to interact with each other based on common interests. The social networking boom has been so huge that it was only a matter of time before online gambling operators found a way to integrate social media applications into their operations.

Bwin has one of the most successful social networking applications in the online gambling world. It is called ShoutBox and allows players to chat with one another while playing various online casino games. Players can invite their contacts to play particular games and participate in different tournaments. It operates in almost exactly the same way as Facebook and Bwin CEO Thomas Kiessling that this kind of social networking will important to driving the online gambling industry into the next decade. While the rest of the online casino world has yet to install their own social media applications, many operators are using social networking sites to maintain existing players and solicit new customers. Using Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter accounts, online casino operators are able to reach out to a wide audience, advertising promotions and answering inquiries instantly. Some operators have even created their own applications on Facebook, like Zynga Poker. These apps allow players from all over the world to compete against each other for free, encouraging players to becoming paying customers at the operator’s online casino.

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