Microgaming Releases Diamond Edition Live Dealer Software

Microgaming is a leader in the online gambling world, always creating new and innovative ways for players from around the world to take part in online casino activities. This month, the company has released a new type of live dealer software that is likely to revolutionize the market. Microgaming’s new Diamond Edition Live Dealer games add even more realism to live dealer titles, making them more attractive to online casino players. 

Normally, live dealer games are broadcast to players via webcam. While they enhance the realism of online gaming, the graphics are often low-quality and sometimes things seem to lag. With Microgaming’s new Diamond Edition software will broadcast the dealers with HD video, so players can interact more easily online.  This will make the online gambling experience even more realistic. 

Diamond Edition software will also support multiplayer capability on its roulette offerings. This will mark the first occasion that live roulette players can ever take part in multiplayer games, making it a revolutionary development for the online gambling world. 

These advancements are likely to catch on quickly in the online gambling world. Online poker websites and even mobile casino operators are considering these ideas, as Microgaming becomes an even bigger trendsetter in the market. 


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