Simon Cowell Launches Gambling Game Show

Simon Cowell is the brains behind the internationally popular television shows X Factor and American Idol. He’s perfected the art of creating intriguing and exciting talent search programs and now the television mogul is moving on to game shows. Cowell is currently working on putting together a new gambling-based game show called ‘Red or Black’.

Cowell had the idea for the game show in 2004 and finally has the money and the support to make it a reality. He stated that he has always wanted to create a ‘big event’ game show, where contests could actually win million-dollar prizes. Red or Black will be just that, and Cowell hopes that the show will bring in millions of viewers.

In order to earn a spot on the television show, people from across the UK can buy a type of lottery ticket for just £1. The people with the winning tickets will then be invited on to the live show for the chance to win £15 million worth of prizes. When they make it to the studio taping, challenges for the grand prize will include strapping players to rockets and airplanes dropping cars to the ground.

Scratch cards and lottery tickets are extremely popular across the UK, and the show is likely to see a great deal of interest from viewers across the country.

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