Author: Pal Hastings

Ontario Court Of Appeal Dismisses Lawsuit Against OLG

The plaintiff was a man named Peter Dennis, who signed a self-exclusion form to remove himself from casinos as part of the OLG’s voluntary program. By signing a self-exclusion form, Dennis agreed that the OLG was to use its “best efforts” to prevent him from entering any gambling facility in Ontario. But the form includes…

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Managing Online Casino Account Funds

One of the most commonly asked questions about online casinos is how to deposit or withdraw money from the gambling accounts. Thankfully, players who register accounts through can manage their funds through a variety of different manners, including: Credit Card: Our affiliated online casinos accept most Visa and MasterCard credit cards to make deposits…

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What To Know About Online Casinos

Online casinos are internet or digital versions of traditional, land-based casinos. Functioning as internet gaming rooms, digital casinos are the core of the online gambling industry and have grown increasingly popular across Canada over the years. The migration from offline to online casinos is one of the most interesting trends in Canada’s gambling industry, which…

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NHL Final Four Faceoff To Reach The Stanley Cup

The NHL playoffs began the Conference Final matchups this weekend, which will determine the two teams that will enter the final faceoff to lift the Stanley Cup over their heads. Canada has no teams left in the playoffs, but many players on the four remaining teams are Canadian, and have thousands of loyal fans from the…

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How Much Longer Can Rob Ford Avoid Scandals

The Rob Ford scandal is an international media sensation, which for good or bad, put Toronto at the forefront of the global market. But serious questions are being asked regarding the Toronto mayor’s likelihood of remaining in office, and whether the Ontario government should force Ford’s removal from his post. Fresh allegations broke in the media…

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Blackjack Player Announces Google Glass Card Counting App

The world is intrigued by the new Google Glass, which is expected to hit the market by the end of 2013.  Google Glass utilizes smartphone technology in a hands-free format, which will use voice commands to browse the internet.  But one professional gambler believes the wearable computer can help players beat the odds at blackjack.…

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Casino Rama is an Experience Of Its Own

Would Ontario be such a popular destination for gambling without Casino Rama?  Since it was opened in 1996 it has become one of the province’s most popular tourist attractions and home to some of the biggest gambling wins in the country.  Being Canada’s largest First Nations casino, Casino Rama has had a lot of star…

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Ottawa Considers New Casino

Toronto isn’t the only big Canadian city looking to launch a new casino; the nation’s capital is also considering the possibility. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson would like to see a new casino built in his city, to stand between local residents and Montreal’s gambling venues. According to the Montreal Gazette, Watson is tired of seeing…

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