An Innovative Social Casino at Foxwoods

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Foxwoods Resort CasinoA brand new and revitalized social casino has been established for Foxwoods Resort Casino. This was established by Greentube which is an iGaming subsidiary. This also marked the entrance of Greentube into the United States market and has cemented their position as a company to watch within the United States.

This redesigned social casino was a relaunch of an already existing desktop website and a mobile app that the casino felt needed a reboot. Part of the relaunch of the social casino included ensuring that the casino had all of the latest offerings to appeal to their players and those that may be tempted to try out the newest version of the social casino. Part of the latest offerings included updates to some already existing features.

Some of these new and improved features include a brand new and a very much improved mobile platform, an improved rewards system and a new appearance that better reflects the actual physical appearance of Foxwoods. This alone should help tie in the social casino to the physical casino which can easily produce stronger ties from players to both the physical casino and the social casino. This was done to help place Foxwoods Casino as an industry leader across the gaming platforms. And in an age where having mobile apps is essential to success, becoming a leader in gaming platforms is more important than ever.

Beyond improving the social casino, itself and what it has to offer its players, there were other goals behind the remodeling process. Another goal was to become more efficient and effective with regards to their marketing channels. Working on this particular goal allows Foxwoods Resort Casino to focus on better promotion of the social casino and will help ensure their place among casino and gaming apps.

These promotions will become evident in a variety of ways. There are now video promotions being used as a means of pushing the new and improved social casino and also to help give players a more unique experience. They are also working on what is called ‘magic moment’ redemptions as a means of creating a unique playing experience. And the new rewards center was designed to mimic what happens within the physical Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Beyond Foxwoods Casino, Greentube also has much to gain from improving the casino’s social casino. Greentube saw an opening within the marketplace and their work with the casino has given them a way to begin capitalizing on that opening. This opening is the many shortcomings that exist within the casino games. They hope that their work with Foxwoods will give them a way to begin to address those shortcomings.

The progress that has been made with Foxwoods Resort Casino’s social casino is a remarkable change and bears watching over the next few months.

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