Kahnawake Casino Sites will Block US Residents

Gambling websites in Kahnawake will begin blocking United States residents

It would appear that customers that come from the United States are not going to be allowed to play any more as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is going to disallow platforms that own a license handed out through the organization from supporting these types of players. This comes as a result of Continent 8’s violation of a New Jersey license that it received.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement released a report this past Monday stating that it had come to an agreement with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission so that any websites that are based out of this region will no longer accept United States customers and will instead put up efforts to reject these players from being able to play, unless those websites have been authorized to do so. The policy that was agreed upon by the two commissions is expected to go into effect starting September 30th, giving Kahnawake websites a short duration of time to set up blocks against US gamers.

The press release went on to state that the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement made the decision to take drastic action once it was apparent that Continent 8 was providing services to illegal online gambling sites through their data center that is located out of Kahnawake. Kahnawake is located in Montreal of Quebec, Canada. The sites that were offering illegal services to United States customers were mainly surrounding sports wagering, which has thus far been outlawed through the country.

Several meetings were held by the two organizations in order to discuss the jurisdiction controversy that was occurring. Although the organization that was offering these services to United States customers was not in the DGE’s jurisdiction, it has been effecting those that are in it. The DGE has no ability to take down these services since they have no power over a foreign based entity, which is why they needed the help of the Kahnawake group so that some sort of enforcement could take place. The result was to block out United States customers from all services offered in the area, so that if any were found to be continually violating it their license would be removed.

This new policy has had an effect on a wide range of companies that have used Kahnawake licenses in order to offer their services. Companies such as Clubworld, Slots.lv, Intertops, Aladdin’s Gold, and many more are no longer going to be able to use KGC for a license, which will mean that any sort of dispute resolution won’t be able to go through the KGC organization. This will be a big hit to customers since KGC has a reputation of offering some of the fairest resolutions around the globe.

This new policy going into effect will help to protect players in New Jersey and a couple other areas, but it is going to leave a majority of the remainder of the United States players without any sort of online gambling regulator.