21Bet Thrives with New Player Infusion


21Bet21Bet has achieved a tremendous amount of success thanks to a nice promotional opportunity that was opened for the company’s new online gambling site. Drawing from the Cheltenham Festival and a promotional campaign associated with the launch of a new website helped the gambling entity draw in 15,000 new customers. 15,000 is a massive number to attract within a mere 30-day period. The amount of revenue the 15,000 can deliver to the company is sure to be enormous. Revenue, of course, is necessary for success.

21Bet is a successful company already, but its previous success was found solely in the realm of online bookmaking. Extending the company’s business approach to an online casino in the United Kingdom market is sure to make the enterprise even more successful.

21Bet has teamed up with the right partners to launch the new online casino. FSB sports betting technology, the same technology used on the sportsbook site, is going to be utilized for the online casino. The technology proved very successful in the original gambling format. No reason exists why it would not be as successful in the new venue.

The other two extremely helpful partners are MicroGraming and Realistic Games. These two designers have crafted some of the very best games and gaming platforms in the industry. Working with MicroGraming and Realistic Games is only going to have extremely positive results. 21Bet made a very wise move choosing to partner with both.

The chief executive of the company, Richard Hogg, has made an interesting assessment of the new casino. He referred to it as a “no-nonsense betting proposition” for those living in the United Kingdom. Hogg has also stated that the massive number of 15,000 signups further promotes stresses the grand success of the strategy.

Casinos serving up a ton of “bells and whistles” do appeal to many players. Not every player likes a casino that is more show that function. The new casino by 21Bet is intended to appeal to those who want a straight-forward gaming experience.

The figure of 15,000 customers in a single month does show the extreme interest in 21Bet’s “no-gimmicks” site is no fantasy. Consider it safe to say 21Bet is also riding the successful wave the online gambling industry has been riding in the United Kingdom. Taxes and regulations have been levied at the industry to a high level. Online gambling still ends up being a massive money generator for businesses even with the somewhat hostile climate towards gambling.

Will 21Bet be able to continue to draw in large numbers of customers month after month? The numbers are sure to have their ups and downs month after month, but the casino should do good numbers as long as players are thrilled with the experience and good reviews circulate.