Five Fun Slots To Play This Fall

Online Slots For Fall

Halloween is the perfect time to let go a little and have fun. Cuddling by the fire is just as much fun as heading outside. If you’re in the mood for some games, there’s lots of fun online slots to play this fall. Cold weather also means plenty of opportunity to stay indoors and look for ways to win and win big. Here are some of the best games you can play if you want to hit the jackpot.

Halloween Jack

While it hasn’t quite been released to the general public as of yet, this one is sure to be a big hit the second it does. These slots are ideal for the person who loves a Halloween themed game that offers plenty of spooky slots while also bringing them tons of chances to win each time they play. You might even win up to a thousand times the stake you put in. That’s a great thing to look forward as the weather turns colder.

Bloodsuckers II

Love vampires? Would you like to be one for Halloween? You can dress up and you can play the fabulous vampire themed game. Graphics are the focus here along with realistic sounds that totally amp up the fun. Not only that, but there’s also lots of terrific bonus features that will pop up unexpectedly. The hidden treasure bonus can be yours if you can elude the game’s vampires as they come sniffing after you.

Lost Vegas

Get yourself in the autumn spirit with this fast paced game that’s all about the spirit of Halloween. You can pick on screen between the zombies and the Survivors. Your ultimate objective in the end is to think about which kind of character can help you stay alive the longest and get that money down. Bonus features will challenge you along the way as you hide or make a run for it. The Zombie Fist of Cash can be in your hands if you know how to play this game right.


The passing of the seasons are the theme in this slot game. Every single season has separate set of play and a separate set of delightful rewards. Top notch graphics bring the seasons to life right in front of your eyes as you concentrate on winning. Autumn is a particular great time to play on this machine as the autumn in the machine has a fox that will bring you lots of amazing rewards every single time it pops up for you.

Autumn Queen

As the name says, this one is all about lovely fall. This is one game that is all about celebrating the joy of fall in pretty detail. With five reels as well as forty paylines, there’s plenty of space for the kind of action you crave. Have fun with the game’s fiery redhead. She’s the autumn queen who can keep you save from the scary grizzly attempting to derail your slot plays.