A Canadian Online Casino Group Is Interested In India

India Stars Group Online

One of the leading companies in the world of online casino gambling is The Stars Group. They have provided people with millions to test their luck every day. New markets are constantly being explored and this company is making the effort to ensure they are presenting to the biggest markets in the world. One of these markets is India. Their partnership with an Indian lottery group called PokerStars has been announced recently as they enter the industry.

The Stars Group is based in Canada. They have confirmed their collaboration with the gaming and lottery entity the Sugal & Damani Group. They are planning to explore the reality of the new market with the assistance of an online poker website from India. The official launch date has not been offered for the new online location. There has been confirmation the domain extension .in will be used. Kolkata-listed Sachiko Gaming Private Limited owns the new website’s domain name. It has also been confirmed this company is a spin off of Sachar Gaming Private Limited based in Mumbai.

Sachar Gaming Private Limited is recognized for operating a rummy site using the name of khelplayrummy. The also managed the online poker site referred to as khelplay in the past. The online poker domain is currently shut down to pave the way for the new webpage from PokerStars. The first players are expected to be welcomed sometime in the not too distant future. During the last year there have been several announcements made by the Stars Group regarding their intentions to enter the Indian market. It is extremely likely their plans are going to become a reality fairly soon.

The original discussions regarding an Indian domain began during June of 2017. Rafi Ashkenazi is the Chief Executive Officer of this company based in Toronto. He has spoken of his desire to become a part of the market in India as time has passed. There are numerous benefits available to the company for operating in the field of online gaming. It is important to realize the poker market in India totals approximately $150 million United States dollars every year. The forecasts have predicted this growth will continue at a steady pace.

During the same month the officials of the state of Nagaland passed a new law. This law enables the operators of online poker to operate in the state’s borders. This was made possible in December of 2016 when the Supreme Court in India gave the green light to legalize online games requiring skill. This law provided numerous online gambling entities with the space required for their operations.

There was a condition placed on this law. An online poker site can only be operated by an entity or person who has been incorporated in India. This is the prime reason the Stars Group has chosen to collaborate with an operator already licensed in India such as Sugal & Damani. The company will reap benefits from their explorations of the market. The possibility of causing excitement for the Russian one because of the online gambling crackdown also exists.