No Grand Prize In Dec 13 Lotto Max Draw, Pool Rises To $100 Million

Lotto Max is one of the most popular lotteries in Canadian gambling, with thousands of fans lining up every week to try their luck at the game.  The latest draw made millionaires out of 6 lucky players, but the $50 million jackpot prize remains unclaimed.  As a result, the lottery says the December 20 draw will be for the $50 million jackpot as well as 50 $1 million prizes.

Lotto Max differentiates itself from other national lotteries through the secondary $1 million prizes.  The lottery sets a cap of $50 million for the overarching jackpot, and the remaining money accumulated from ticket purchases is pooled into separate prizes.  These additional prizes allow a greater number of Canadians devoted to the national game to become millionaires.

The December 13 draw made millionaires out of 6 lucky ticketholders spread out across the country.  According to the lottery, winning tickets were confirmed in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, while the remaining tickets, at this time are only known to be somewhere in the Prairies and the Maritimes.

The draw on December 13 was for the $50 million jackpot and 30 $1 million prizes.  But the number of Canadians who bought into the lottery increased the prize pool by another $20 million by the end of the week.  As a result, with no winner drawn for the main jackpot, next week’s draw is for 50 $1 million prizes in addition to the main jackpot.

Lotto Max tickets can be purchased up until 9pm EST on the night of the draw.  With the holidays just around the corner, many Canadians choose to go into the lottery as a family in the hopes that a prize can be shared together.  Warm up this holiday season with a chance to win $1 million, or potentially the life-changing $50 million jackpot.

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