Online Gambling Regulation Recommended for South Africa

The debate concerning online gambling in South Africa has raged on for years now. The country has a high population of online gamblers, but the government insists on attempting to ban the activity. Despite politicians’ efforts, a study reports that the best route would be for South Africa to legalize and regulate online gambling.

According to Rob Davies, Minister of Trade and Industry, the committee believes that current gambling laws should be amended to allow residents to take part in games at online casinos. Their recommendation states that the National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008 should be made to include all forms of betting, including that which takes place at online casinos.

The committee also believes that there should be one regulator to oversee all online gambling activities. This would ensure that all operators are following the laws and avoid the confusion that results from one country having several regulators.

Previously, it was suggested that only ten licenses be issued if the online gambling market were to become regulated. Now, the committee believes that licenses should be handed out to all local betting companies in order to strengthen the local economy. Additionally, the committee believes that operators should not have to base their severs in South Africa, as long as they can be audited on a regular basis.

The suggestions for regulated online gambling in South Africa seem sound. However, the government remains stern on its stance to ban the activity.

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