A New Casino Resort Backed By Bitcoin

Casino Resort Bitcoin

The future of casinos is seeing a strong contribution from Bitcoin and other digital currencies, even in the real world. More land-based casinos have started the process of accepting crypto as a form of payment, and now the currency will fund a casino’s construction. Players who are experienced with the online casinos Canada provides in addition to poker and lottery sites will be familiar with the featured investor.

A new casino resort is slated to be built on the island of Antigua, funded by the multi-millionaire gambling entrepreneur and Bitcoin investor Calvin Ayre. The most interesting part of the planned attraction is that it will solely rely on capital from Ayre’s profits in cryptocurrency investment.

Ayre is a native of Canada, but he has been appointed a special envoy for the economic sector in Antigua and Barbuda. He states that work has already started on the $100 million casino resort. It will be situated right on the Valley Church beach of Antigua, a popular tourist destination on the island.

This new five-star spot will be called Ayre Resort. Not surprisingly, the casino resort will accept Bitcoin cash for transactions. The crypto payment method will be available at the point of sale within the various place on the property. Players can also use digital currency online for booking at the resort.

Unlike other tourist spots, Calvin Ayre plans to market his resort to everyone. He says that the destination will be geared towards successful individuals who want to unwind and have some fun. The Ayre Resort will be open to visitors on the island of Antigua as well as the local residents of the region.

Calvin Ayre is no stranger to gambling. He is the person responsible for creating the popular online gaming site Bodog. Ayre was also a very early investor in Bitcoin, which is why he has seen so much success from the cryptocurrency that is now a household name.

The ventures of Calvin Ayre have not been free of controversy. He participated in an interview for Forbes magazine, in which the header stated that Ayre was generating wealth through illegal bets online. Though felony charges were brought against Ayre and Bodog, they were eventually dropped during last year.

Given the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, the new Ayre Resort will be a prime spot for visitors who have made considerable sums off of crypto investing. Though the resort is in the works, there is no reported timeframe for the destination’s official opening.