Sunset Delight Will Have You Counting Money Instead of Calories

sunset delight slot screenshot big

sunset-delightIf you are not ready to give up summer yet, you will be glad to hear that Thunderkick has found the way to make it last longer. The company decided to treat us with another delightfully cheerful and psychedelically happy audio-visual marvel that will make the upcoming rainy days more bearable.

With the ice-cream scoops falling from the sky, the game is not only a dream come true of every college girl getting over a break up (we were all there at some point), but a nice earning potential as well. Almost identical in theme with previously released slot Sunny Scoops, the game comes with a few structural changes and an interesting multiplier feature.

What We Love

The visual style of the game will make it practically impossible for you not to stop and say to yourself “well, maybe just one scoop…” I personally love this type of bright coloured, retro-feel and unpretentious slots. Paired with appropriate soundtrack, they are a pleasure to go through and can be a true refreshment after playing a blockbuster-movie inspired slots.

Spectacular as these may be, sometimes you just want to kick back and enjoy a more nonchalant approach. Thunderkick has proven that simplicity does not mean low quality and that the theme does not have to compromise the aesthetics of a slot.

The other thing that makes the game stand out is the interestingly developed multiplying structure – once in the free zone, every new scatter will award an additional freebie and push you up on the multiplying ladder, thus increasing the bet amount. Sweet…

sunset delight slot screenshot big

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What We Do Not Like

Lack of extra features is a bit of a downer. The company has been doing well, but there is more to a game then just being attractive. We expect to be amused and we want our interest to be sustained. Pretty face will only take you so far. So, lack of bonus features is slightly disappointing and it may result in players quitting on the game sooner than they normally would.

Still, Thunderkick is a fairly young company with a great deal of potential and we are confident that a lot of awesome slots are to come our way. The bar is now set higher and we are hoping for a more challenging next release. As much as we appreciate the back to basics approach, sometimes you just need that extra twist added to keep the players on their toes.

Worth Playing?

If you have a thing for the 50′ music and simple yet effective layouts and effects, this slot will be your summer jam. With free spins and the potential 100x bet multiplier, it may not be the highest grossing venture ever to land your way, but it can definitely amount to a decent cash-out.

It is straightforward and simple, which can sometimes be exactly what you need; placing some bets and spinning some reels. No more and no less.

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