Pennsylvanian State Legislators and the Casino Expansion

pennsylvania casinos

pennsylvania casinosPennsylvanian state legislators publicly lambasted a proposed casino due to be built in York County citing impractical business operations that are connected to the arbiters of this deal.

The November ballot in Pennsylvania will contain legislation in reference to a planned casino expansion, and legislators are vocally critical of the participants and the legislation. The congresspeople voicing dissension assert that the proposed legislation heavily favors and is exclusive to the groups participating in and benefiting from the building and operation of the casino thereby making for a very obvious conflict of interest.

The ire of these particular lawmakers was on full display at a recent public forum hosted by the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee and designed to inform the public on the issue. The congresspeople asserted in this arena publicly that the officiating company Bridge Capital is a company that does not have the appropriate reputation to operate a casino in their community. However, Bridge Capital was not unrepresented at this local meeting. Attorney at law and lobbyist Dan Riley provided legal representation for Bridge Capital at this meeting.

Republican Senator Ron Collins admitted that Bridge Capital has invested millions in advertising to falsely relay information to the public on the issue, and this spending and disinformation is the reason they received enough signatures on the appropriate petitions to be eligible for inclusion on the ballot in November. For proof, the senator asserts that this spending was willfully held until only six weeks before the election and then put into play. The senator also boldly says that these types of nefarious acts by this organization only serves as an example of the way in which Bridge Capital runs its business at all times. Bridge Capital claims that it is an officially licensed above board gaming organization with their primary office located in the Mariana Islands.

Additionally, Senator Dan Riley republican from Pennsylvania has publicly stated that the bill is officially able to be placed on the ballot and voted on by the people, but the language included in the bill is so limited in its present scope, that the legislation could be brought to the floor and the merits debated on, but it is not required that the legislature move for a vote on the issue effectively killing the legislation with legislative process, or restricting the new law’s passage to the point that no organization or group would qualify.
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