Canada Becomes Safe Haven for American Poker Pros

After the Black Friday indictments, the American online poker industry went belly up. Professional and recreational poker players were left without anywhere to play online, and many made the decision to relocate to places where playing poker online is legal. One of the most popular destinations has been Canada, offering poker players a safe place to play poker online.

Daniel Negreanu spurred the trend. The native Canadian who, at the time, resided in Las Vegas, stated that moving back to Canada would be the best option for him. He would be able to continue playing at the most popular online poker websites without worrying about being reprimanded by the government.

After his announcement, an influx of poker professionals began considering the same move. Shortly after Black Friday, Phil Galfond disappeared from the online poker world. A few weeks later, he revealed that he had moved to Canada to continue playing poker online. After a few days of residing in the country, Galfond reported a $215 000 win.

Poker is the main source of income for many people in the United States of America. With the government cracking down on the biggest online poker websites, many individuals have lost their livelihood. While moving to Canada may seem extensive, it has worked out well for those who have decided to make the move.

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