Online Registrations Provide Donations And Opportunities To Young Canadians

The winter has had its share of extremely cold nights and severe weather alerts in places like Toronto, and across all of Canada.  Even in a country as developed as Canada, there are still citizens who are unable to afford a warm home on cold nights – including thousands of younger Canadians.

In Toronto alone, there are an estimated 10,000 different youth who are homeless every year.  The last few years of an economy hindered by recession have particularly taken their toll on low income earners, many of whom are younger Canadians who without sustainable income have no place to go.  Youth who do end up homeless are exposed to higher risks of physical assault, deteriorating health, and are increasingly likely to rely on criminal activity for survival.

The Covenant House is Toronto’s largest youth shelter, and provides lodging for Torontonians aged 16 to 24 to reduce the number of citizens on the streets.  Volunteers at the Covenant House say many of the people who walk through the doors are runaways or have been forced out of their homes by negligent parents.  However, many are very bright individuals who simply need someone to give them an opportunity to turn their lives around.

This is the essence of The Covenant House’s mission statement in which they fittingly provide education services, personal counselling, and even job training assistance.  The organizers of the youth shelter recognize that building awareness about the needs of homeless youth and how their organization can provide a second chance is crucial to facilitate life-changing opportunities.

Being a non-profit association, 80 percent of the Covenant House’s operating budget is provided by donations from individuals and organizations across the GTA.  Without these donations, the Covenant House would be unable to sustain its operations, which would force thousands of people back onto the streets.

We believe in the services provided by the Covenant House, and would like to contribute our own donation.  We want to help the Covenant House build awareness and fulfill its mission, in order to raise as much money as possible for their cause.

For every new player who registers an online casino account through our site, we will donate $50 to the Covenant House.  This promotion will last until the first day of spring on March 20 with the goal to help provide shelter and new opportunities for as many homeless youth as possible.

Everyone deserves a roof over their head, and an opportunity to build a new life.


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