Microgaming: A History of Excellence

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The modern online gaming industry would probably be a lot different if Microgaming never existed. Online casinos weren’t totally reliant on Microgaming, but the software company did contribute a lot. What might have taken place without Microgaming’s involvement? Current gaming platforms derive a lot of influence from Microgaming’s original work. During the early days of online wagering, platforms could have turned out a lot cruder and less stylish. And then there’s the issue of weak software delivering bugs and other problems.

An Auspicious Industry Debut

Microgaming created the very first online casino in 1994. The finished product was about as perfect as could be at the time period. Microgaming never fell behind in the industry. Today, the company boasts a portfolio of 400 games and affiliations with more than 120 online casinos. Microgaming presents such an impressive resume because it consistently delivers solid games in a demanding and ever-changing market. The history of technology and software companies reveals many entities that made a huge impact early on, but faltered as the industry changed. Microgaming proved it can thrive even in a rapidly changing technological landscape and business environment. The ability to produce high-quality products leads contributes to such results.

Creating Brilliant Variants of Classic Games

Casinos, online and land-based, must offer certain popular games in order to consistently attract plays. Slots, poker, blackjack, and other common games appeal to scores of gamblers. The look and style of the games must differ from one casino to the next. If all the games at every online casino looked the same, no gaming emporium stands out. Microgaming understood players want something more than just function. Games appealing to the sense also contribute great value. Players benefit because they aren’t bored with the sights and sounds. Casinos appreciated that customers come back time and time again to experience the games.

The Right Playing Field

That said, the games must do more than look good. People play at online casinos to win money. Fun derives from walking away from a casino as a winner. While no one can expect to win all the time, everyone expects the gaming platform to work properly. Platforms loaded with bugs and other issues undermine the ability to play. Unable to play properly, a gambler’s potential to win becomes compromised.

Microgaming developed a reputation for producing reliable games. The Microgaming name even became a selling point for numerous casinos. Players across the online gaming world knew Microgaming meets their expectations about functional and aesthetically-pleasing software. Why take chances at a casino with a less-reliable software developer at the helm? With Microgaming, players felt they were accessing the best platform and corresponding software.

A Consistent Award Winner

Microgaming prides itself in the number of industry awards the company received. Four Global Gaming Awards, two International Gaming Awards, more than a dozen EGR B2B Awards, and other honors highlight Microgaming’s commitment to excellence.

Microgaming isn’t even remotely slowing down. The software company should continue to be a large part of the online casino industry for many more years to come.