OLG Supports Olympic Athletes with Quest For Gold Program

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is dedicated to providing support for local Olympic athletes, and does so through its Quest for Gold program. This year, the OLG is excitedly cheering on the athletes which received support from the program and are now competition in the London 2012 Olympics.

Quest For Gold was established in 2006 with the goal of providing Canadian athletes with the financial assistance they would need in order to pursue their dreams of winning gold in the Olympics someday. Every year since then, a Quest for Gold lottery has been held, the profits of which benefit local athletes. $10 million of the revenue generated for the lottery is used to cover athletes’ training and living expenses. It also provides them with the finances needed to pursue advanced training and coaching programs.

Since 2006, the Quest for Gold program has awarded athletes with $73 million. This year, 90 of 113 Canadian Olympic athletes have directly benefited from the funds awarded by OLG’s Quest for Gold. As such, the OLG has played a key role in the road to success for many athletes competing during London 2012 Olympics.

"Ontario’s athletes are succeeding as a direct result of better access to training and coaching, made possible with QUEST FOR GOLD funding,” says Greg McKenzie, Vice President of the OLG.

Hilary Stellingwerff, who will be competing for Team Canada in the 1500 metre race, would not be where she is today without the assistance of Quest for Gold. The program offered her the finances required to train as a full-time athlete for 20 hours per week. It also covered her teacher’s college tuition and helped her compete in various competitions leading up to this year’s Olympic Games.

“I am so grateful for the support from QUEST FOR GOLD," Hilary says.


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