Holland Casino Investigates Suspicious Slot Machine Wins

In the Netherlands, the popular Mega Millions slot machine paid out its top jackpot of €1 million since the beginning of 2011. Shortly after the seventh win, Holland Casino, the country’s gaming regulator, pulled the machine from all of the 161 casinos in the Netherlands. However, after extensive investigation, it was ruled that the machine had not been tampered with and the wins were completely normal.

The machine’s regular payouts were not considered suspicious until April 16th, 2011, when two women won €1 million each within two days. On April 16th, a 30-year-old woman won €1 049 000 at a casino in Rotterdam; the next day another woman won €1 008 000, causing Holland Casino to grow concerned about the machine’s generous nature.

Now, the machine has been returned to all locations across the country, and Holland Casino has reported that no tampering had taken place. Although the machine had paid out more since 2009 than every other slot machine in the country combined, Holland Casino could not find any proof of foul play.

Now that the slot machine is back in circulation, Holland Casino has doubled the maximum bet to €7.50. While it is now more expensive to trigger the jackpot, it certain is worth it if you’re one of the lucky individuals who hits it.

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