Canadian Poker Tour Partners With Tax Rebate Company

HeadsUp Entertainment (the company behind the Canadian Poker Tour) has signed a sponsorship agreement with Poker Tax Rebate, a tax recovery firm. The new deal is expected to form a fruitful business relationship, but is also meant to benefit Canadian poker players.

In Canada, poker players are not required to pay taxes on their winnings, a benefit for individuals who choose to take this as their profession. However, when players travel to the United States, they are forced to pay up.

With the biggest tournaments in the world taking place in Las Vegas, it is important that Canadian players know their tax recovery options. This year’s World Series of Poker is currently taking place, and Canadian poker players will be required to pay 30% tax on their winnings, something many players are reluctant to do.

This is what makes the sponsorship deal with Poker Tax Rebate such a smart idea. By being exposed to the options available to them, more Canadian poker players can seek out new ways to protect the winnings they earn when they’re across the border. Poker Tax Rebate provides players with the necessary paperwork and advice on how to receive all of the tax refunds that they are eligible for after winning cash games and tournaments in the United States.

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