Gambling Investigation Against Bobbi Kristina Dropped

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Bobbi Kristina, daughter of the late soul singer Whitney Houston, was discovered to be gambling at a casino in Las Vegas. Being just 19 years of age, it would have been illegal for her to be taking part in any gambling activities on the Las Vegas Strip. The story received a great deal of media buzz, as the Nevada Gaming Board launched an investigation into the issue of underage gambling; however, it has recently been revealed that Bobbi Kristina has been cleared. 

After careful consideration, the Nevada Gaming Board has decided that there is not enough proof to convict Bobbi Kristina of any crime. The only evidence is a surveillance video that shows the young woman sitting at a slot machine alongside her boyfriend, who is of the legal age to gambling in Las Vegas. The video did not provide enough proof to show that she was, indeed gambling, as well. 

Bobbi Kristina was in town for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. After the ceremony, she was allegedly discovered to be gambling at a local casino. Gossip columns jumped on the story, believing that she was gambling to let off steam, after making an emotional speech about her mother at the Billboard Awards.

Should Bobbi Kristina have been charged with the crime, the casino at which she was discovered to have been gambling would also have faced significant legal trouble. Bobbi Kristina would have had to pay a fine worth up to $1000; however, the casino would have had to pay significantly more. This is because the casino operator would be responsible for letting her in the casino to gamble in the first place. 

Underage gambling is a big issue in Las Vegas casinos. Venues in the city are supposed to be equipped with security systems that restrict individuals who are under the age of 21 from accessing casino games, whether they are card games, table games or slot machines. 


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