Hack on Canadian casino results in $50 million lawsuit

The Casino Rama Resort and Casino located in Ontario recently faced a massive hack in which intruders were able to pull in customer information. They also managed to gather information about employees and private casino security info. This major exploit has now exposed thousands upon thousands of people that have used the casino in one of the largest data breaches a Canadian casino has ever faced. Following this hack, there has been a law firm that has decided to file a $50 million lawsuit on behalf of all Canadian citizens that had their information breached.

This lawsuit isn’t against the hacker, but is instead against Casino Rama. The claim is that they did not do enough to protect their customers and failed to properly secure their databases. Meanwhile, Casino Rama has been claiming that they have done absolutely everything that they can to protect their customers and employees and are working with experts in cyber security to guarantee better practices going further. This comes too late though, and the damage has been done. The law firm that has hopped on this case wants $50 million for the damages that have been caused as well as an additional $10 million for punitive damages. Punitive damages are simply used as a punishment against a defendant to ensure that they will work hard to correct the issue that brought forth this situation. Anyone who feels that they have been potentially effected by this are encouraged to sign up for the lawsuit.

It’s likely that anyone who was involved with the casino could sign up for this lawsuit. There has already been harm caused by the breach because the hacker has put some of the obtained information online. They are threatening to continue to put hacked information online, so anyone who has used the casino is encouraged to change any financial information to protect themselves before their personal info hits the public domain.

The hack was first brought to the casino’s attention when they had been contacted by a person claiming to have breached their security and obtained all of these various types of information. This ranged from emails to vendor listings, employee contracts to social insurance numbers, and so much more. It is likely that they posted some of what they had obtained online just to prove that they had it. The casino operator believes that they have data all the way back to 2004, and from what they’ve seen they don’t doubt that the hacker is telling the truth. On the 10th of November the Casino Rama had released a warning to employees and customers so that they can take proper actions to prevent any harm that may be caused by this.

This type of information will generally get put up for sale when breaches like this occur, and it’s not too often that the hacker contacts the breached operator to let them know what they have done. This is definitely an unusual case, but definitely one that Casino Rama may be paying for.