BoDog to Sponsor Football Team

Popular online casino and sportsbetting operator BoDog has recently announced that it has signed a marketing deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The LA Galaxy is one of the top teams in North America’s football league, with three Major League Soccer Cup and CONCACAF Championships under its belt. In 2007, the team signed superstar David Beckham and now BoDog is looking for a piece of the action with the new advertising deal that would expose the online sportsbetting operator to a wider audience.

BoDog is already a big name among the general sportsbetting public, offering players a wide range options when betting on various sporting events from around the world. The advertising deal, then, offers both parties a mutually beneficial opportunity.

“The fantasy sports industry has grown exponentially in recent years and is showing no signs of stopping,” says BoDog’s PR Director Ed Pownall. “Soccer, with its many dimensions, offers itself perfectly to fantasy sports games.”

As part of the deal, BoDog will brand the Galaxy’s 27 000-seat stadium, giving it an ubiquitous presence. Eventually, it seems as though the BoDog brand will become closely associated with the LA Galaxy’s name and reputation, a development that is sure to give the company a boost in traffic.

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