New Toronto Casino Would Hurt Niagara Falls

 On Friday, a report claimed that the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission is considering building a new casino in Toronto. While the news received a generally positive response, Niagara Falls politicians are none too pleased. 

According to Kim Crater, who represents Niagara Falls, a new casino in Toronto would hurt profits at gambling venues in the popular tourist town. Aside from the Falls themselves, the area’s two casinos are a major draw for tourists. Should a casino be built in Toronto, it would be direct competition with the existing casinos in Niagara Falls. 

“Such a facility would likely have an immediate and lasting effect on our two casino properties in Niagara Falls" says Greg Medulin, a spokesperson for the Fallsview Casino. 

According to Bullet News Niagara, 30% of the casino’s revenue comes from the GTA. If that source of revenue were to be redirected to a more local gambling venue, it would harm the bottom line of the casinos based directly in Niagara Falls. 

About 4500 people are employed at Niagara Falls’ two casinos. They provide the most jobs to residents of the area, so competition from a new casino in Toronto would also hurt employment rates in Niagara Fals. 


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